How long did it take you to go into labor?

Lost it in afternoon, went into labor that night.

With my son it was about 2-3 days after I lost it and with my daughter it was about 12-15 hours before my csection

First pregnancy lost it at 34+2, water broke about 7 hours later and delivered at 34+4. Current pregnancy, lost it again at 34+2 and currently still pregnant at 37+2. I’ve been dilated 1.5cm since week 34 this time too.

Mine slowly leaked for awhile about a week or two before. Then my water broke and I went straight into labour. I gave birth 2.5 hours later.

I was 37w5d when I started to lose it. I had her at 37w6d.

I lost mine at 7 am (ish). Was holding a baby by 9:20 pm.

17 weeks! Not joking. I lost my plug at 22 weeks. It never fully grew back according to my OB. I went into labor at 39 weeks. Didn’t have my bloody show until I was already in labor and at the hospital… probably an hour or 2 after contractions started.

I’ve had three kids and I’ve never noticed losing it. It can regenerate so just because you lose it doesn’t mean you will go into labor.

Mine came out in small pieces for about a week before I went into labor.

I lost mine the 19th and my water broke at 2am on the 20th just got home

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Couple of days to a week

You could still be a few weeks out, but everyone is different! You got this! :heartpulse:

My first i lost mine at 7am and went into active labor at 10pm that night born 13 days early 6lbs 9oz. With my son i lost mine a week before i was scheduled to be induced cause they thought he was to big. Nope he was 8lbs 3oz born 6 days early. Currently 21 weeks pregnant now

I lost mine with my first a month before I had her

Lost my mucus plug and water broke all at the same time. Fun. It was my 4th baby though. My other 3 were induced. You can lose your mucus plug and not go into labor. It can regenerate.

I went a week and a half after I lost my mucus plug with my second child, then they induced labor

Think of being uncomfortable instead of pain will be easier was in labor 43 minutes but was 6 weeks early

I started having contractions late on the 12th, lost my plug around 3pm on the 13th, my water was broken around 9:30pm and my son was here by 10pm on the 13th.

I only recall losing it with my first and it was a week before his birth.

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I lost my mucus plug when my water broke I was a week late ended up having a emergency csection because in those first mild contraction the baby’s heartbeat kept falling but don’t let that scare you I didn’t have much pain more soreness ( but I have a night pain tolerance to) turns out I was just too small to have natural birth