How long did it take you to go into labor?

I lost mine and still had to have my water broken before labor started.
I know first time is scary. I was scared too. But a nurse told me every contraction you have is one closer to holding the baby in your arms.
By the time it was time to push, I can honestly say I didnt feel any more contractions/pain. I think adrenaline kicks in and the thoughts of holding your baby is the only thing you’re focused on.
Main points to remember: Keep your eyes open! Focus on your S.O. or labor coach. I stared at the ketchup stain on my husband’s shirt. Yea…
You CAN do it like your mom did and her mom and her mom…

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Everyone is different. Relax. Everything will be fine.


Every birth is different. Every woman is different. My first I lost my plug but wasn’t feeling any pain. Went in and I was in labor and didn’t know it. My next two I lost my plug some time during labor but not sure when. My next two were induced early so once again have no idea when I lost my plug. You can lose your plug and not go into labor for a couple of weeks. Your water and movement are the important things. Sometimes babies slow down in movement just before they are born. Three of mine did. Don’t worry we have been doing this for centuries and our bodies know.

First kid: a week after, I had to be induced
Second kid: 4 days later, my water broke

Both times when my water broke. First born was born 16-17 hours later. Second one was born 1 hour later.

I lost my mucus plug one day, then the next day I started contracting, went to bed, woke up and went to the hospital and was 5 cm dilated. Had him 9 days early

Everyone is different. Ask your mother. I was like my mom. One daughter not, one went like me, 15 to 30 minutes after my water broke. So all different.

Same day, but I’m an overachiever

What in the flying blue freak is a mucus plug, or do i even wanna know?

I lost mine while in active labor each time but you can lose it weeks before you go into labor.

That’s a really hard question because every woman is different. Even every birth is different. I’ve had 6 children and each was different. Is this your first? The best thing you can do is find a birthing class. They will give you relaxation techniques & breathing exercises. You can ask all the questions there & put you a little more at ease with what will be happening next for you. Relax, you got this!

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I was losing mine about 2-3 weeks before I went to my appointment cuz I was past my due date then they checked to see if I was dialating and popped my water because it was bulging

My water broke 1st one 5 hrs
. with 2nd 3hrs.

36 hours then c- section

I started losing mine at 6 months and went on to carry until 41 weeks

Every woman is different. Best thing to do is remain calm. Labor will be much easier if you are calm.

I lost mine and my body didn’t do anything lol I got induced a week later. But I had to be induced with all 4 of my babies. They refused to leave peacefully :rofl:


Lost mine a week before I went into labor.

I lost mine when my water broke.

2-3 days with 4 of mine.