How long did it take your shortness of breath to go away?

I have covid. My symptom is shortness of breath. Who has or had covid and had shortness of breath. How long did it take for your shortness of breath to go away?


I’m suffering the same thing. All my symptoms have subsided except the Shortness of Breath. I’ve had it a week so far.

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Mine was about a week

I still have it and it’s been 7 months. It’s just worse some days more than others. Same with my cough.

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I had all my symptoms for three weeks

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It’s still hard for me to breathe right sometimes and I was diagnosed jul 27

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3 months. That was the worst symptom I had. I used an Asthma pump to help me.

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I’m still short of breathe since 20 October take steroids and antibiotics and three inhalers but they dont work that well also get really bad head and sore eyes have to wear sun glasses all the time

Still. Had it when all this started at the beginning of the year

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Took about a week-week a half. If I exercise or do much physical work It still comes and goes. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago, so still pretty recently

Someone I know had it back in May and still has bouts during the day to this day of shortness of breath and they are in their early 20s and in great shape.

I was sick for 34 days!!! I still struggle breathing every now and then!!

Hope you feel better soon :purple_heart::purple_heart:

This is advise for the normal cold congestion. I have ZERO idea if this will work for covid . But here goes- boil water, pour in a large bowl with or without a drop or two of peppermint oil, put your head over the bowl and a towel over your head and bowl. Breath in as deep as you can for about 10 mins and repeat . Like I said, this helps me and my kids , but NOT sure if this would help. Just a suggestion, I really wish you best of luck and im sorry to hear your sick ! And im not one of those crazy essentials oil lady’s, always consult your doctor :heart:

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My mother in law did and she finally got a spirometer to help the lungs

My husband had a harsh cough with shortness of breath for about 2-3 weeks. This was in october and he is perfectly fine now. As stated above it does effect everyone differently but it doesn’t hurt to have some information to go on. Feel better!

It varies from person to person. My husband works in a CICU and he has patients who still have breathing problems months after the initial infection unfortunately.


I still get shortness of breath if I do to much. So I’m not sure but mine did start to be less slowly after the 14days if that helps you any

I hope you feel better. I’m one week into my 14 day quarantine due to being exposed to a known positive. So far no symptoms, but it’s still very scary.

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