How long did you bleed post-partum?

How long did any of you moms out there bleed postpartum? I had an all-natural birth to my third child on October 14th. I’m nearing six weeks postpartum and am still “bleeding” (my blood will range from a reddish/maroon color to brown, and by “bleeding,” I mean more of a secretion. I can wear a pad all day and have nothing really adhere, but when I go to the bathroom and wipe it is clearly there). This was my third child, so I realize it simply might be a matter of taking longer for my body to heal/recover. I had my postpartum checkup this past Thursday, and my doctor said everything looked/felt fine. My uterus was still a bit swollen, but he believes it will be back to normal within a couple of weeks. Did anyone else experience this kind of postpartum bleeding/secretion? If so, for how long? Also, do you think having an orgasm would postpone the healing process of your uterus and cause the bleeding to last longer, or? Any advice/knowledge/opinions are greatly appreciated.


Im 8 weeks pp and still having off and on bleeding

i’m nearing 4 weeks and just finished bleeding

Probably 6-7 weeks. Stopped a week then period :sob::roll_eyes:

When I had my son I bled until 6.5-7 weeks pp. I was doing a lot of moving, up and down stairs and was told hat was the cause. It may be because you have two other little ones your running after etc that’s cause you to have a range of colour

Full 6 weeks n still off n on bleed til got on BC. W my 1st born, was only 2-3 weeks. 2 different deliveries…my 1st was natural n pushed her out in 10min…w my boy, I budged for epidural n was pushing for 2hrs to just wind up w an emergency c-section.

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9 weeks with my first and 7 weeks with my second.

Orgasm contraction should be a positive thing for healing! Go for it!

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It sounds like ur bleeding is about to stop… if it’s that color that u described, I’d say ur close to stopping.

I stopped a little after 8 weeks and i had a csection. But then no period till after she was 1

Amy Jo Arseneau aren’t you still having clots almost a year later

I bled 7 months after, like none stop. Then doctor put me on low dose birth control to regulate my period and it stopped. I got on the nexplanon right after giving birth so I’m not sure what was causing it. But birtg control helped.

I bled about 8 weeks with my 3rd

With my first I bled for like 5 weeks, heavy for the first week and then like a light on going period until the 6th week everything kinda just went back to normal

I bled for about 8 weeks. Then got an IUD and bled about another two weeks

Yes I did to .took me a month to get over myself .even with a c section to

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8-9 weeks I was on the mini pill because I was breastfeeding and had to be put on a different pill (with hormone) so I had to stop breast feeding in order to stop bleeding

I bled about 6-8 weeks roughly.

I bled heavily after my 3rd. I had to have a d&c for retained placenta. I was heading toward septic. Mine always tapered off like yours is now


I was still bleeding at my 6 month PP checkup