How long did you keep your child in their infant car seat?

How long did you keep your child in their infant car seat. When is the right time to move them to a bigger car seat? What are the safest?


When they reach a limit of there carseat! Like the height or weight which ever one they meet first! You can use most convertibles from birth

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1 year but I moved him to a 6lb to 90lb convertible one… just didn’t recline as much as I would have for an infant. He rear faced until recently at 2 and a half.

I moved my children when they no longer fit their infant car seat. If you’ve loosened the straps all the way and it’s still to tight it’s time to move them to a rear facing car seat! Exciting my daughter just moved to a rear facing car seat!

First she was like 14mo. Youngest she was like 4mo

When they were over the height limit

1 year and then by law I had to upgrade him to the next seat

My youngest son is 15 months old and still in his infant carrier.

Read you manual. And when they out grow it, switch them.

When they max out the height weight requirements!!

I switched my first 2 close to the weight limit, which was right about when I started taking them in and out anyway versus removing the whole seat and carrying it in.

Check your state law. Wa state just made it 2 years. And then when they max out on height and weight

I took mine out about 3 months old and put her into a Graco 4ever which she still has and she is almost 5!


I switched mine at 9 months old because he almost outgrew it, but I couldn’t carry him in it anymore

I moved my son over when he reached the weight limit into the next convertible car seat.

We moved both our girls once they could sit unsupported in high chairs or grocery carts. Which oddly enough was about the time they hit one of the max requirements to move them to a convertible car seat. All of my kids have Graco 4evers.

I switched mine to a back facing seat when she was able to sit up on her own. I always found it cumbersome to take her in her seat that was heavy. Once she was big enough we used a cover on carts and took her.

My oldest went over the height limit and my baby was over weightlimit both about 8 months my oldest is 5 yr okd he is still in a 5 point harnest system high back booster seat despite meeting height and weight requirements to sit without a carseat or booster seat my baby is 15 months in a convertible carseat rearfacing till 2 unless his height/weight/growth doesnt show hes ready to turn the carseat around and at 3 he will take my oldest carseat

You can move them out of a infant at ANY time into a convertible car seat (just keep rear facing until at least 2yrs)


You move them out of the infant seat when they have maxed height, weight, and/or 1in above their head to the shell of the car seat.
That being said, many parents and caregivers choose to start in a convertible car seat from birth, both are completely safe options. My first 2 maxed their infant seat around 8/9m, my last 2 started their life in convertibles