How long did you wait to tell your family you were pregnant?

How many weeks did you guys wait till before telling immediate family about your pregnancy?


I told everybody as soon as I found out. I was between 4 and 6 weeks both times.

Mom, Dad and Brother as soon as I found out. Best Friend after first doctors appointment. And the rest at 3 months.


I told my parents after a week of knowing, my boyfriend and I wanted to have it as our secret. And then extended family was at 13 weeks.

1st, sister immediately and the rest of the family around 8 to 10 weeks, it was unplanned! 2nd - 10 to 12 weeks. We put big brother shirts on my oldest.

As soon as I found out with both.

I told my parents and close friends a couple days after I found out around 4 weeks. Then I told social media after I was 3 months

Besides my husband and best friend everyone found out at 12 week’s.

I stupidly told everyone when I found out and ended up losing my baby. From now on I won’t tell anyone but my husband, and maybe a close friend, until I make it out of the first trimester :sweat:

I was 8 weeks and 2 days when we told the family

Mom and grandma immediately

Lol just after hubby I can’t keep secrets worth crap. Extended family a little longer. I filed a HIPAA complaint on a medical assistant at my obgyn office for telling her mother who told her mother who told my aunt. I was 41 and was wanting to make sure everything was ok first. My aunt called me and asked if it was supposed to be known yet because she knew how that group gossiped. I complained and they fired her

Husband immediately. Direct boss and employees shortly after. I was nauseous as all hell. Mom after confirmation ultrasound and rest of the family at 12 weeks.

After the 12 week scan xxx

First pregnancy I told everyone immediately I was so excited then I miscarries at 5wks 2nd I did the same but less people and then at 8wks the heartbeat stopped so I miscarried again 3rd times the charm and waited till I was 14wks told my family then at 20wks I made an announcement on fb 4th pregnancy I told everyone again right off the bat because I thought I had the flu and I was projectile vomiting and upset stomach but then I noticed I didn’t have my period yet and tested and found out so I was like “not sick guys just pregnant” :joy::joy::joy: but made a fb post about 25wks

I told my mum and dad straight away at 3 weeks but waited until I was 12 weeks to tell everyone else as I was scared to lose the bubba due to my PCOS…thankfully all was well xx

My mom at about 9 weeks everyone else 26 weeks

We waited to tell everyone including immediate family, like parents until we were in second trimester with both babies. So 13/14 weeks.

We pretty much told people immediately with our first. When we have a second, we decided not to tell anyone until we find out what the baby is.

After the first trimester.