How long did your baby stay in your room with you?

How long did your mamas keep your baby in your room with you? What did they sleep in, a next to me crib or Moses basket? When were they moved to their own room/cot? First-time mama here and trying to work out what the best sleeping arrangement is as there isnt a lot of space in my bedroom. Thank you


Six months for me in a crib next to our bed

@18 months i moved my youngest out into a toddler bed and into her sister’s room

My son slept in my room until he was shy of 15 months (had a roommate at the time) he slept in a bassinet for the first 3 months then from 3 months to just shy of 15 months he slept in a pack and play then moved to his crib in his own room (when roommate was kicked out)

My son is 5 yrs old, and sleeps in his own bed in our room. I only have him in there because his room is way on the other side of our house, and is currently being used as his play room. For his birthday this year we are moving him into his bedroom. I plan on getting a monitor so I can hear him and see him during the night. We never coslept with him either. Hes always slept in his crib and then his toddler bed and now his own bed. Our bedroom is huge, so it works for us!

I have an 8 week old ( my 3rd child) she had reflux really bad so she sleeps in my arms while I sleep in my la z boy recliner. I’ve been working on transitioning her to her crib by making her nap in it during the day and part of the night. I’d say by 6 months she will be in her crib full time like my other 2.

I bought a bassinet on buybuy baby for like $75. I used a pack and play in the beginning, but it was hard to move from room to room…I kept him in our bedroom for 3 months, until I had a bit of a routine then moved him to his crib.

6 weeks and I wish I would’ve moved her sooner bc we all slept better once she was in her own crib. If we have another they will be in their own crib the very first night home.

Currently they’re1&2 and sick both in my room. But by 1 I moved them in their own room. My 2 year old sleeps in my bed now :woman_shrugging:t2:. Normally the 1 yr old in his crib in his room. Not what I planned but life happens and I figure it won’t last forever :purple_heart:

I left my first (and am doing the same with my second) with us in her bassinet, then playpen, until she stopped waking up for feedings in the middle od the night, or only needed one. So close to a year

My son slept in a crib from day one. His crib was in our bedroom right next to our bed and he stayed there until he was about 13mo out of circumstance. When he was 13mo we were finally able to give him his own room so we moved him and his crib in there (it was next door to our room). At first he wouldn’t go to sleep without one of us in there but he’s 2.5 years old now and we tuck him in at bedtime and go into our room and he falls asleep on his own.

He’s 4 and still there :rofl::rofl:🤷


I think about two days after we were released when she was a week old

We co slept for 14 months

Bassinet next to the bed for 4-6 months

Mine slept in the crib next to my bed until they turned 1. Then we moved the crib to their room.

My oldest was 5 years old before she came out of my room, I was super nervous about her being in her own room but I have a 1 year old and she’s been in her own room since she was 9 months old and she sleeps so much better in her own room.

By the age of 1, I moved mine into their own rooms and out of ours

My son sleeps with me at the moment and he’s 7 months

We have our 3 and 2yr olds n our rooms in their own beds…well kinda the 2yr climbs into our bed in the middle of the night. The other 7 kids are in their own bedrooms