How long do you bleed after tubal ligation?

I’ve decided to do a tubal and want some real life info. Is there vaginal bleeding after a tubal? Is there bleeding where they make the buts in your belly?


No bleeding from anywhere :blush:

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Be prepared for gas afterward. Not the kind you can pass, the kind your body has to absorb or you walk out.

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I had one after my c section so of course I had bleeding. But, no more than any other c section. However, my periods after my tubal were horrible! Heavy, painful and lasted forever!


I didn’t have any bleeding.

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I had a tubal…belly hurt but you have to work it out…no bleeding but afterwards periods are horrible.

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I had no bleeding, a bit of gas, and periods are much lighter and easier.

No bleeding but periods are awful.

Shouldnt have bleeding… At most just spotting…and nothing should be coming from your stitches… But you will have gas that makes you feel bloated till your body absorbs it.

No bleeding from the stitches, just pain for a few days at the site. Keep it clean. You still have normal cycle bleeding like after child birth which is usually longer than a normal cycle. It doesn’t stop you from having a cycle afterwards.

No bleeding afterwards but be prepared for the worst periods of your life.

I had a tubal done a week ago today, I bleed because I gave birth the day before, but that’s already over. I had some light cramping and it was really red and kinda swollen for the next three days, but I found out it’s because I was sleeping on my side when I was supposed to be on my back. Now I’m completely healed and back to normal and it’s only been a week!

I had tubal done a month after having my last child and I bled just like I did after giving birth. Heavy and last a couple weeks. My periods were normal after that maybe even a little lighter an slightly more crampy but keep in mind everyone experiences different things.

I have never had a c section, just vaginal. I’ve had an IUD for a while now, my baby is 4.5 years old. I recently asked my OBGYN about a tubal because my husband won’t do a vasectomy. She told me that the after effects and horrible periods are NOT worth it!! She advised me to continue an IUD or have a more serious convo with my husband about him getting something done. Don’t know if that helps but it made me think twice!!

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Periods have been a nightmare since my tubal. Getting an ablation done this week because I can’t deal with the bleeding anymore.

No bleeding after, but my monthly cycles were hell on earth, and I went for a complete hysterectomy 7 years after. Sent me into premature change. Best decision I ever made, I’m 60 now!

Just had mine Wednesday. No bleeding and im alittle sore but the gas pains are the worst.

I had my tubes removed a year ago and didn’t bleed after. I ended up having my period normally when I was supposed to.
Occasionally I do have really bad cramping when it’s that time of the month though.
If you do have it done, heating pads help sooo much after! You will be crampy and it helps!

I don’t recall having any bleeding. I had the clamps done, if that makes a difference. I was gassy and bloated afterwards. Eat light the first day to prevent constipation…made that mistake after a previous surgery. NEVER again.

There wasn’t any unusual bleeding after mine, but I had my daughter the day before. It was a simple operation with very little pain after. And the incision didn’t bleed at all, you can’t even see the scar. Best decision I ever made for my future. Periods and cramps did start getting a lot worse after a few years

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