How long does a blood pregnancy test take to get results?

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If you are in the er for something than like a couple of hours. I’m not sure what the turn around time is for doctor offices though.

Depends on the doctors office and lab they use. In my experience, any where in between 24-48 hours during the weekdays. More if over the weekend.

Mine was done and reported to me same day. I thought I had the flu for a month and we had been trying to get pregnant but every test came back negative. Went to the doctor they ran blood just to be sure. They called 2 hours later saying I would have the “flu” for 8 more months :heart:


A day or so I think if you are talking a drs. test

I got mine same day. Within hours.

Mine took an hour to test my hcg levels.

For my hcg, it is about 1-2 hours. Depending on what time of day I go have my blood draw

My doc had results in a couple of hours.

Mine i got the next day

I got mine in about an hour at my doctor.

Why take a blood pregnancy test when you can just get a piss test and see how strong your hcg levels are that way?

Phlebotomists here. Depends on if test is run in house or not. If they run the test there, right away, you will have results the next day ( its actually really fast, but this gives time for dr to interpret and notify you). If not, next day.

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Mine were next business day.

Mine was the same day

With all my blood test I has results within a couple of hours.

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Mine usually took like a day. 2 at the longest

Mine came back same day!

My ob office requires 24 hours for labs to come back.


Depends mine took a day some take shorter some longer