How long does it take to recover from having your tubes tied?

I’m getting my tubes tied once I deliver. Does anyone know the recovery? Does it add a lot to your postpartum recovery?


Mine was horrible! I had a csection (2nd one) and the pain was more intense. I felt super bloated and just plain uncomfortable ( more than with my 1st) I definitely felt the difference. Same recovery time though. About 6 weeks

I had my tubes taken out after delivery, and it was about 2 weeks that I was sore and couldn’t bend much. But after that no complications and barely can see the incision!

I had off and on pains for a year

Plan for at least two weeks of downtime after a vaginal birth and 6 weeks for a c-section!
Unfortunately, it does hurt!

I had mine done a few months after it was only a weekend down

I had my tubes tied right after my 3rd csection. It was definitely alot different than my previous 2 csections. At one point I literally felt like an elephant was on my chest and my ribs were breaking. ( Doctor told me it was bc they had my placenta outside of my body at the time) not sure if that was true or what it was from. But the recovery was easy peasy. Nothing added to recovery time or the recovery process.

I had mine done 8 weeks post partum and took my 8 week old and 4 year old tent camping 3 days later. The day of I was a little sore but other than that completely fine.


I also had mine dine with 3rd c section and there def Was a differnce. Alot more pain that previous c section but recovery time wa about the same more or less 6 weeks.

I had clamps after my second child. Very fast healing, no issues.

Mine was awful. Bout a month. I could hardly move…dont even think about coughing or sneezing.

I had mine done after I had my 3rd and recovery was wayyyyy more painful and I was breastfeeding so could only take Tylenol, which helped some but damn those first few weeks were rough. By the time I had my post partum check up things were pretty much good though.

Took me three weeks with a c-section and my baby is 3 weeks old

I had mine done the day after I delivered my son I was sore for about 3 days my gallbladder was worse I couldn’t move for 3 or 4 days from that my tubes I was able to get up & do normal stuff

God it was horrible. Had an emergency c section with my 6th baby and 2 weeks later had my tubes tied god i was in pain for weeks

I had a full hysterectomy and was able to do normal things a few days later but was told not to exert myself or do any strenuous activity for at least 2 weeks. I only needed 5 days of pain killers and the rest of the healing was fine :slightly_smiling_face:

For me it was very painful I felt the entire process and for several days I was in a lot of pain. It Made me have heavier periods and cramping for years. The only plus is not having any
More children.

I had mine out after 3rd c-section and didn’t notice much of a difference in pain or healing time!

I was down for 5 days after all 4 csections and the last I had my tubes tied with so everyone is different

I was in pain until gas they pump in abdomen was gone. Now cramps are worse and I feel a little discomfort when my body is trying to ovulate