How long should my ex be with his girlfriend before our child meets her?

Quick question. My ex just started seeing someone and wanted to take our son to a movie with his new girlfriend. I really don’t care that he has a new girlfriend. Good for him, he’s finally moving on. What I don’t like is subjecting my child to a relationship that might never work and having people come in and out of his life. My question is how long should it be that you ex is seeing someone else before a child should meet the new person?


Leave it up to the father. It’s not going to damage your child to go out to a movie with a “friend”


You don’t get to decide that. You can voice your concerns but you really dont have a say.


As much as you may not like it you don’t really get to choose how long he feels is appropriate to wait. He may have a very strong connection with her and feel things he hasn’t felt before. Just be thankful he’s letting you know he’s introducing them to each other instead of going behind your back.


I don’t think it matters as long as she treats him good


I think the “unspoken rule” is about 6 months. I’ve been in a relationship since July and he hasn’t met our child yet, and still won’t for few more months.


Id say minimum a year . After that one year point of being in a healthy and stable relationship you can meet the children . Otherwise don’t because it unhealthy and unstable, unless they introduce only as a friend and respect the child as in no kissing in front of him when the child is in his care and no sleeping over etc .

The unspoken rule is 6 months. But you really dont have a say in what the childs father does. If it is not hurting your child then there isnt a a whole lot you can do.


You do have a say, you don’t know the people around your kid. People now a days getting cozy with strangers real fast and kids end up getting hurt or worse. You never know. Just tell him you’re not comfortable with that yet and you would like to see him with someone for awhile and stable to let trust build.


Id day ask to meet his new girlfriend so you could talk to her find out what’s she’s like then make the decision after


Personally, i think 6 months is a good time to introduce kids to potential partners, but are you really concerned about your son or are you jealous

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when you feel like it is the right time!!! it’s not all up to him. have a talk and try to set a time when you both think is right. and ask to meet who he’s going to have around your child before hand!!

unfortunately you have no say in what dad wants to do on his time… you can suggest all you want… but unless you have it in your court order… he can do what he feels is right on his time


If you can mutually agree to a number that’s your best bet. You really can’t do much about it. Maybe try suggesting a playground trip for an hour where she is introduced as a friend. He may be looking to see how his child feels about her before proceeding so it could be in your best interest to allow him to use appropriate judgement. Now an early relationship I wouldn’t be supportive of overnight visits with the girlfriend spending the night because a revolving door of women isn’t healthy either. Ask him questions. See why he wants her to meet your child and communicate and co-parent with the best interests of the child as the priority always.

When my parents divorced they had a rule that they made and it was longer than 6 months. They only wanted to introduce us if they were serious about that person because it can be hard on a kid to get attached and then have a revolving door of people. But again that was something my parents discussed when they split. You can talk to him about it but ultimately it’s kind of up to him.

My husband waited a month before I met his kids…

This world is dangerous! People are going crazy. Bad things are happening to children because someone trusted someone without knowing them.
I’d wait 6 months… I’d also want a background check. For anything violence related or sexually related. Honestly you just never know and I wouldn’t want someone who wasn’t checked out to be around my son. And you do have a say. You have to protect your child. Love is blind and lust is blinder. It’s better to be safe and cautious than sorry. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I meet my boyfriends sons 3/4 months after dating him, & he met my son about a year or so when we moved in together. I’d say theres really no time line, and that every situation will be different…

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All you can do is talk to him…

My ex and I had this conversation not long after we broke up. And we both agreed at least 6 months of officially being with someone.

Remember communication is key! At the end of the day all you can do is voice your concerns and opinions. He may not listen and still do it and in that case there isn’t much you can do but at least you tried.

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You should wait until you know it’s serious, but that being said, you don’t really get to dictate what he does unless it’s harmful.

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