How long should you breastfeed for?

I have been breastfeeding for about a month, but every single time I do, it hurts. I have seen multiple lactation consultants, and nothing is wrong with the way the baby is latching; it just hurts. They said sometimes that happens. So, how long do I have to breastfeed? What is best for the baby?


Fed is best. Doesn’t matter how just as long as its eating. Formula is loaded with nutrition. I never got to breastfeed. Tried i just didn’t produce enough so always had to switch to Formula all 4 of my kids are healthy and growing just fine. Don’t worry how you feed that baby. Just feed it

Fed is best!
Nothing wrong with bottles and formula


There is no right answer. Breastfeeding is different for everyone. I would suggest you do it as long as you can but don’t beat yourself up over not being able to continue.


Try nipple shields… or just pump and feed. Other then that formula is just fine.

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There is no rite or wrong answer to that question. There r benefits to breastfeeding yes but if it is painful and u decide to change to bottle feeding there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I had 4 kids and i breastfed them all for different lengths of time. They all turned out healthy. Don’t feel ashamed or like u r doing something wrong just because u go to formula instead of breastfeeding


8 months into breastfeeding my baby exclusively, and the first few weeks is like my soul is being taken out from my body. My nipple is sore all the time because it’s inverted. What I do is I warm compress every after feeding and pumping. I also massage my boobies with nipple creams.

Patience is what you need most to get through the pain. It’s temporary, though! But of course pain is pain, and pain is uncomfortable. Breastfeeding is a dedication, not just a choice.

I said before I will breastfeed only for 6 months and I’m done, but when I learned a lot about the benefits of breastfeeding and breastmilk to me and my son’s health I decided to breastfeed him until he weans on his own. Breastmilk is indeed best for baby and there is no substitute for breastmilk. Building a great health for our child is what they need to be a strong and healthy adults in the future. Breastfeeding lessen the post-partum depression. It build a special and strong bond between mothers and their children. Breastfed babies tend to be more loving and gentle towards their mothers.

Check for lip and tongue tie that also contribute to the painful latch, also check for the position maybe he’s shallow latching.

Breast feeding was o e of the hardest thing i ever did and struggled to keep up supply. They say breastfeed for 1 year, but I only made it to 6 months. Do what you can and remember that your health (including mental) is just as important during this time. Nipple sheilds and pumping helped but its ok to switch. The overwhelming relief once i stopped means i knew i made the right decision.

I had the same problem on just the left side. It hurt so bad but I kept breastfeeding and finally the pain went away after about a month and a half. It didn’t matter if I pumped or nursed the pain was the same. There is no right or wrong answer. It is what you feel is best for yourself and your baby. I breastfed all 3 of my children for different lengths of time.

Well you have to do it till the baby can eat food…wow some of y’all don’t need kids


I support any woman that feds their baby, breast or bottle, but have you tried a nipple shield? My daughter and niece did that for the first few months n it helped with the soreness

Apply the breast milk in the area as soon as you feed …wipe the area before you feed …breast milk heals the soreness

I have 3 children… breast fed each of them for 6 weeks to 8 weeks… that’s all… they were all 3 very healthy… you chose what’s right for you and don’t listen to ANYONE ELSE!!!


They say a year, but if it hurts then don’t torture yourself! Your baby will be better off with formula and calm mother than breast fed by a stressed out mother in pain.

What’s best for the baby is having a relaxed, stress free bonding time with Mum whilst feeding and nothing more. If it’s causing you pain, you’re tense and unable to relax and fully enjoy these moments with your Bubba. If it’s causing you pain, I’d consider switching to bottle feeding. No pain for you, Bub is still getting fed and you’ll both enjoy the experience more because you’re not sitting there in pain. And you don’t listen to anyone who tries to make you feel guilty for not breastfeeding!
Like Aly Hollinger said, fed is best…whatever way that is. Good luck Mumma :sparkling_heart:

Fed is always best I personally tapped out after 2 and a half months my mental heath and boobs couldn’t take it anymore :woman_facepalming:t2::blue_heart::baby:t4:

Can I ask how you are feeding? Like the position? I found changing the position on one side stopped the pain my baby is 5 weeks so know your pain. I was feeding with pillows under my arm so removed the pillow from hurting side and it changed her latch which stopped the feeling of skin being pulled off my breast slowly lol. PM if you like.

I’ve had 2 babies and didn’t produce milk either time so both were bottle fed from birth. Both are healthy and happy. Change to bottle if it’s best for you. Don’t suffer cz u think breast is best. If you are suffering it will lessen the wonderful experience of being a mum and impact your enjoyment of baby. Baby won’t care as long as they are fed and nourished.

I remember that pain. I nearly gave up because of the pain in the first few weeks. I found out later my mother was in the exact same boat and she gave up. That made me determined to keep trying. I got to 8 months solely breastfeeding. . If you can get support from a breastfeeding group. They could give you advice perhaps on expressing if that is something you’d like to try. Do what is best for you, there is no right or wrong.

Its definitely normal to be sore the first few weeks. Your nipples need to get used to it. So if you want to try, give it a few more weeks. You could use nipple shields, the hakaa one looks great. You could also look into tongue / lip ties as that affects babies feeding. Otherwise just formula feed. No shame in that. Breastfeedings not for everyone.