How long should you date before you get married?

I’ve known my boyfriend for over a year, but we just got together this past Oct, but I feel as if he is the one for me. We have already started about marriage, I know, but it feels so right with him. How long should you wait to get engaged?


My husband and I dated for 6 months before we got engaged. We were engaged for 3 days and got married. We have been very happily married for 9 years in February. He is my soulmate and best friend. Sometimes you just know.


There is no right length of time its what ever u feel is right. My parents dated 2 weeks got married and been together almost 40years. I dated my ex husband 6 years and divorced after 4 years if marriage. And my new husband dated 4 years before getting married

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However long you feel is good…

3 years - 5 years. If it’s real live together , do everything a married couple would do and just dont get married yet. If it’s real itll last those few years. If it’s not you saved yourself from divorce :woman_shrugging:


To be honest go with what feels right for u i was dating my husband for 2 months before we got engaged and weve been together 10 happy years always go with what u feel

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If its right its right. Take your time nothing wrong in talking about it.

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I ment my husband in end of July and September’s 14 we were married

Its completely up to u. Ive only been with my husband a year (technically not legally married yet due to covid) but hes the father of my 2 children and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better

I’ve known mine for 22 years. Hadn’t seen him in over 10 years he came home and 2 weeks later we got married that was 4 years ago

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It depends on your story. Was together 8 years before engaged, engaged for 2, married at 10 years together and then divorced after another 10 years (almost 20 years together). You will feel it…just don’t rush it

Get to know him. Inside and out. Live with him for a while and see how he is patience wise, how he is in the morning and night, when he’s drunk (if he drinks), when he’s sad, and all other emotions. What is his hygiene like? What happens when the puppy dog phase ends? Is he still sweet, caring, and attentive?

Get a feel of how he handles things, his habits, and how he lives.

You don’t want to dive right in and find out that you like things one way and he a compeltely different. You guys may be able to compromise, but get a feel of the life first. Divorce is a lot more expensive than just separating.

This isn’t saying to not get married, by the way. Good luck!!


I got married 6 weeks after meetings…

Don’t be like me.

My husband waited to propose to me until after we had been together over a year and when we got married we had been together for almost 4 years. Last month we celebrated 7 years married and in January we will celebrate 11. You will know when its right but just please be sure. Marriage should not be taken lightly and rushed into. Good luck hun!

My husband and I started dating in December and was married by July, we have been together five years this December 16th

Go with what you feel. I’ve known my husband was “the one” since shortly after we started dating. We both take marriage very seriously and he was very nervous that it would change our relationship. He proposed on our 10 year dating anniversary, I was pregnant and I cried for a solid 5 mins before he said “so…is that a yes?” And I yelled it is about damn time. I would have married him 6 months in but he needed to be ready and get over his nerves. I was more than willing to wait. We waited another year to get married and have been married for about 1.5 years. I am happy and wouldn’t have it any other way. Do what is right for you both, there is no timer for when it should happen. :heart:

Take ur time dont rush it. He will ask you when he is ready.

I met my husband.we dated for 4 months and got married been together for 47 years you just don’t know all relationships are different…

There’s no right or wrong.

What did/n’t work for others might not give you the same results.

As you all talk about marriage, get an idea about:

• how they handle finances (when one is a spender and the other a saver, it can cause conflict; knowing ahead, you can prepare how to work it out)

• how they want to parent (disagreements on child rearing factor in some divorces)

• how they handle conflict, disappointment, setbacks, hardship, etc

& other difficult/challenging topics

Maybe premarital counseling through your church, if you are of faith, for reassurance.

Best wishes.

If it’s right, then what is the harm in waiting? Why rush? I mean do what you want. But I never understood the need to rush into marriage. Marriage doesn’t make a relationship. It’s basically just a piece of paper.