How long were you dating before you got engaged?

How long were you dating before he proposed? Also, what’s your opinion on how long is too long to wait for him to propose??


Me and my SO we’re together for 5 years when we started talking about getting engaged. We called it off though. But personally I think anywhere over 7 years of being together is too long but everyone has their own opinions so there’s really no right or wrong answer here.

We’ve been together 11 years and just got engaged last year! No rush though, we’re basically already married don’t need a certificate to prove we love each other!


Had 5 dates, got married a month later, been 41 years


We were together for almost 5 years when we got married…we have been married for 10 years… together for almost 15 years. It depends on your age. My we got married at 25/26 so I think it was a good age.

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Got married exactly three months after we met and have been married 18 years.


4 months married a month later :heart:

I don’t think there’s a formula to what dating period will result in a happier marriage, we dated for 8months and got married. 5yrs later we still together, annoying each other but really love him. Couldn’t be happier, he’s a great guy. Before my husband had dated a guy for 4yrs and he cheated on me , so If you’re sure about him, no red signs, makes you smile, respects you…time really doesn’t matter

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Together 4 years before we got married. We didn’t really have an engagement… we had a kid and a house and went to the courthouse to get married on a day my husband could take off work. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving… we’ve been together 13 years with 2 kids.

4 days and married for 10.5 years Nd 5 kids so far.

We were together for a year when he proposed but we had a 4 year long engagement because life kept happening. We finally pulled the plug on Halloween.

Science says if you wait at least 2 years before proposing, you have a better chance of your marriage working.


We were dating for 2 years, engaged for 2 years, and have been married for 2 years (3 this April).

Together for 10.5 years before we got married and have been married for over 10 years

Together for 16 years married 3. And honestly if I could go back i wouldn’t have got married and just saved my money :rofl: we would be exactly where we are now just without the piece of paper.

Was together for a year when he proposed, been engaged 2 years now though lol

12 days :grin: Married 12 years in January.

My husband and I dated for a week and then were married!


Together 6 months married 3 months later still absolutely besotted with each other 7 years later :slight_smile: what can I say when u know u know :wink:

We dated for a year then he proposed. Still engaged

Together for 6 years when we got engaged.
Now together 15 and Married 9
High School Sweethearts :heart_eyes: