How many c-sections are considered okay?

Hey mamas! I know we aren’t doctors, but maybe someone has experience with this. I had my baby via C-section due to my pelvis being too small. I will never be able to have a vaginal delivery. I was wondering how many sections are considered “ok” before they want you to stop having children? TIA


A friend of mine is on #4 :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

I had 3 sections due to my small pelvis x

I had 3 and my Dr said everything looked good enough to have another. I think it’s case to case on how everything heals from previous ones.

Im on number #4 but it depends on how much tissue you have… I heard I can have 6 C-section

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That’s all on you… talk to your doctor about it

Hi I had my C section due to the same reason as you . I had 4 sections , but I know someone who has 5 .

My dr normally only recommends 3. I think it depends on how you heal though

I have had three c-sections and was told no more after that because of scar tissue. Truthfully the worst part is the epidural site is still sore if I sit in a hard chair even 13 years later.

Had my 4th on Monday! My last child. I’ve heard of people having more… I guess it depends on the person and how easy you can recover without complications like scaring and things like that.

I’ve had 4 my doctor highly recommend not having another one after this last C-section because of so much scar tissue.

After 3 it’s more life threatening is what my ob told me.

I’ve never heard of a limit the only thing I’ve heard is it’s best to have them at least 2 yrs apart

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I’ve had 4 and my Dr I had before my 4th new I wanted one more and he said fine but he wouldn’t do anymore after that. I’ve heard others having more

my friend is in her 6th however this one and her last were both classical incisions(belly button to hair line)

A friend of mine has had 5 :fearful::fearful::fearful:

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I’ve heard 3 but also know people who get c-section then 4 years later can do natural birth.

I’ve had 4 c-sections. The more you have the higher the chance of complications. I almost bled out on my last one because my surgeon had a hard time with my previous scar tissue.

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I’ve had 3. My dr told me 1 more and I’m done. But I can’t have anymore babies anyways. :sob:

Many moms do more but my ob said everyone you have gets riskier, but he wouldn’t recommend more than 4