How many days of school should an elementary child be able to miss?

I’m just wondering what others opinions are. How many tardies and absences do you think are acceptable for an elementary school child? Thanks!


Every single time they’re actually sick or have had a fever within the last 24 hours. Sending sick kids to school benefits no one.


I dont know about absences but they shouldnt be late unless it is for a doc appointment

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97% attendance. So 1 a month.

It depends. My child has some chronic health issues and misses for those and sick days. So days they are actually sick or cannot go to school.


It would depend on excuses or unexcused… unexcused 10… but if they’re home sick with a drs note I wouldnt count it


Not a limit really. More like why missing them.


From a parent who had one illness take down their child for a week and a half, there shouldn’t be a limit on excused absences. Setting a limit encourages people to send their kid to school sick.


It depends I suppose. I have learned through my son having some health needs that require multiple absences for doctor appointments and testing to always ask for a note from the doctor to give to the school. It will be counted as a medical absence rather than an unexcused absence. My son never missed more than a day or two for actual sickness though.

They dont go by days. They go by hours. Id you have a doctor excuse then those are considered excused. I just actually had to go to my daughter’s school because of to many absences. She is in 8th grade and has had alot of health issues plus she was suspended for fighting so i just pulled her out and she does online school.

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I mean. My kids got hand foot and mouth followed by strep and missed an entire month of elementary. Thankfully a week of it was break. But any amount of time with Dr note is excusable. With no Dr visit, I’d say 7-10 is plenty of absences.

I don’t think that it is a cookie cutter set number for every child. My son has Diabetes and so his number would vary from my children who do not have an auto immune disease.

And constant tardiness is ridiculous for the most part.

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Only when my daughter is sick which hasn’t been at all this year as yet but she has a day off in a couple of weeks for the orthodontist

No limit. And this is for ALL ages in my opinion. If your kid is sick keep them home, fever keep them home. My daughter is in kindergarten and she has been sick so much it’s not even funny. I have no idea the number of days shes missed but i know they are all excused with doctor notes or notes from home. If other parents kept their kids home when they were sick maybe my kid wouldn’t be sick all the time too

Every district is different. Some go by # of days, some it’s a %. My son usually has 3-5 absence and 2 tardy a year.

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My 4yr old has missed 26 days due to being sick. Fever. Sinus infections. Ear infections . Pneumonia. Now tonsillitis.
First year has been rough on her .
I spoke to the principal and she seemed to get it.
Im not sending a kid to school burning up or so sick they can barely stand .

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see it’s not fair because sometimes your kid is just sick but not sick enough to run to the damn doctor or run to the ER they’re just too sick to send to school so that would be counted as an unexcused absence. It’s dumb it’s almost like they expect/want you to take your kid to the doctor or the hospital even if it’s just a cold, or a slight fever. They don’t count mother’s notes saying they were sick. They want doctor’s note

I always feel like mine misses too much, but he’s constantly picking up colds and whatnot from kids that go to school sick. So I make no apologies for keeping him home.

Some children have chronic illnesses (& other things) causing them to have to miss more. They should not be punished for that.

In general, doctor’s notes are classist, and are a terrible idea. Not everyone can afford that luxury, not everyone has insurance.

Do I have an exact number in mind? No, not really. At minimum, maybe 3 weeks. I think it going by hours, like they do now, is better than how they used to.

My child has only missed a few days due to asthma and illness. He also has a PCP who can write doc’s notes. Not everyone is that lucky.