How many mamas have a baby with a tongue tie?

How many moms have had babies with a tongue tie? I recently found out that my two weeks old has a minor tongue tie. And I was wondering how many parents have treated the tongue tie and how many parents have left it be and had it loosen on its own. And did you have issues breastfeeding with leaving it untreated? Thank you!


My son was tongue tied. As for breastfeeding I’m not sure, my kid was bottle fed and it caused him to be a very messy eater because he couldn’t get a good grip on the nipple. It causes speech issues. He had to have it corrected at 2.5. Honestly I would just have it fixed now. It harder as they get older.

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I couldn’t breastfeed my daughter because of her tongue tie. We had it corrected in the office however she didn’t want to latch after that. So happy healthy bottle fed baby :sparkling_heart:

Son has a small tongue tie on bottom. Have left it alone. He does have a small lisp though. And obsessed with a binky still

My daughter was when she was born, took 5 minutes in ear, nose, throat doctors office and its never been an issue since.

My first did dr said normally it breaks itself but we had to snip it when he was almost 2

Mine did, he was killing my nipples. They snipped it super quick and he didn’t cry (3 maybe 4 days old?) immediately better.

Grandson was tongue tied had trouble nursing had clipped five minutes and no further issues

My oldest has it but it hasn’t caused any major issues so his doctor just left it alone.

I have 2 boys and each are tongue tied, each breastfed. I didn’t do anything and they are perfect, no issues :heart:

My 5 year old daughter was tongue tied. Pretty badly. She had surgery for it when she was 4 a little over a year ago. She talks to much better!!! Definitely worth it!

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My baby boy has a minor one from when he was born. I did breastfeed initially but then had to switch to bottles. No problems with drinking his milk but we were told as it’s only thin that hopefully it might break on its own when he starts solids :crossed_fingers:t2: he’s 19 weeks old at the minute xxxx

Both my kids were born with upper lip and posterior tongue ties. We chose to get them fixed as they can cause dental issues, apnea, speech issues, feeding issues, reflux, spinal issues, and more. To me id rather correct it now when they won’t remember it and they recover super quick than having to go through actual surgery later in life with a longer recovery time.

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My son was tongue tied. He couldn’t breastfeed at all. I got it clipped after 5 months of pumping and giving him a bottle. Now he is 16 months and going strong on breastfeeding

My son had a minor one. Didn’t affect breastfeeding at all, for us.

My 4th son was and still is tongue tied. We had it clipped around 2 months old but it healed back the same way. He talks perfectly fine at 3 years old now he just can’t stick his tongue out

My son did they clipped it when he was a few days old because he was having trouble eating, simple in and out the office in 30-45 mins

My son had a minor one. I talked to his pediatrician and she advised me against having it fixed as it wasn’t going to be that big of an issue

We didn’t catch my daughter till she was 6 months old and we corrected right away. It made a huge difference for her but she wasnt able to stick her tongue out at all before and we realized that is why she had such a hard time breastfeeding

My son had one, I thought it was the reason I was in so much pain during breastfeeding… but no I still had the paid and I had my boy go through that surgery for nothing. I felt horrible.

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