How many parents are considering home schooling due to COVID?

Curious as to how many moms are choosing remote learning for their kids this year. A lot of schools are giving parents the option. While I know that the teachers are better trained for it and could possibly give her a better education, I feel like I would feel better keeping my daughter home. I’m torn. Thoughts?


My son is a senior he will go 2-3 days a week the rest will be online

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We are seriously discussing homeschooling our 8 year old. We did the last 2 and a half months of last year at home anyways

I just bought desks and chrome books. If I wouldn’t sit in a room with 15 other people can make them do it.

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I’m letting my daughter do the 50/50. Some in school and virtual. Dont really feel safe sending her but I know she’s dying to go back and be around other children. She’ll be in the 4th grade

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If we had 1 on 1 tutoring and were supplied with chromebook, we would. But we’re not, so the kids are going to school. We just don’t have the resources.


I’ve no option but to send mine or I’ll be fined ive 5 kids. I’m dreading it as a single parent. Worried if I get ill

Me. But I’ve been thinking about it the last 2 years. The school system has been failing my 7 year old to where he gets beat up and talks about how stupid he is. This was just the straw that made me pull the trigger with having another baby this august it wasnt worth the risk

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I have enrolled my son in a virtual academy.

Virtual learning with the public school system is not home schooling.

We decided to break from the public school system last year before covid ever hit. The rest just cemented our decision to do so

I’m doing the hybrid learning 2 days at school 3 at home minimizes exposure and gives them in person time with there teacher

We are homeschooling but for more reasons than beerflu

They have not informed us on what is going to happen with schools in MD yet. But we have been considering homeschooling due to covid and our boe pushing the BLM on our students

Our school has a really robust on line learning, so my son will be doing virtual school. He’ll be doing online zoom classes with his teachers from 8:45 - 2:30, mirroring a normal class schedule/school day. We’re really lucky to have something so robust, I’m not sure what I would do otherwise. We have the option to do virtual or in person in our district.

Gladly sending my kiddos to school full time. I have a senior and 1st grader!


Our school district is going back full force. I am enrolling my daughter in cyber school

I don’t think there is enough info yet in WY about virtual learning to make an actually informed decision. Like what does the time frame per day look like for virtual learning. How does 6 hours of physical school look online. This is new material the kids will be learning, not just recaps like last year. Will they have enough resources for tutoring and such if needed. What about those kids that cannot be home schooled due to working parents, unavailability of a computer or printer, etc. There’s a lot of unknown and I feel SO BAD that my children are having to go through this and their quality of education may suffer.


I have 4 kids , 2 in high school, one starting middle school and one starting Kindergarten. The older three did really well with online learning and the little one will be more work but I’m fine with it. Mine will be virtual
Learners… I don’t want them wearing masks all day. The little one doesn’t need to wear one all day but I feel two days a week is ridiculous for a 5 yr old. I teach preschool and it’s hard to get a kid into a routine with only 2 days of school. I would love to see 4 or 5 half days. So we will be a virtual family this year. We will get our routine figured out and learn from home.


Nope. My kids need school

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I definitely will be.