How many strings does mirena have?

Just to clarify I do have an appointment booked with my doctor, I just like to know about real people in real situations. So about 2 weeks ago I got the mirena iud. I thought I would give it a try to check for my strings since it’s something I will have to do once a month. And I only felt one string. Has this happened to anyone before and what was the outcome? Yes I am also aware everybody is different. The nurse who inserted didn’t inform me if there was only supposed to be one string in the first place


There should be 2 strings.

There are two strings but sometimes you can’t feel them both. Sometimes one or both curls upward :slight_smile:

Sometimes they cut them to short and you can’t feel them


I have only ever felt one string and I was only able to feel it for the first year. But I believe there is supposed to be 2 strings.

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Once mine was put in, after sex the first time, I’ve never been able to feel the strings

I only ever felt one and mine worked for just fine for the almost 8 yrs. I had it

2 stings that do not effect the effectiveness of the implant in any way shape or form

My doc said I didnt have to check. She cut them short and curled them around my cervix. :woman_shrugging:


I had the mirena and the strings (both) moved up to where I had to have an ultrasound to check where they were and the device remained in place for the duration of me having it. Having it taken out was a little harder than just grabbing the strings as they were gone but it didnt effect the device at all

I had a different type (liberte) and the 2 strings weren’t side by side, they were spread apart. Maybe that’s the case with you too?

I have t ever checked for mine. Going on my second one and have had them for 6 years.

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I felt 2 strings when I had the mirena but I agree with the comments that some drs cut them shorter than others.

Mine had two but they ended up sticking to my wall wall I could only feel one string. Sometimes they wraps together and sometimes they’re cut a little shorter so the string doesn’t hang onto your vagina as far so you can’t really tell because it’s closer to your cervix. I always had to reach way up there to feel the strings

I also want to add that if you can not feel the strings PLEASE go get checked. I had my Mirena get lost and tore my insides up and had to have it surgically removed. I’m not saying this is the case but just be careful

It’s 2… I have it and my doctor says it feels like 1

One string is what you’ll feel. You should keep trying to feel for them for about a month … after that you shouldn’t have to. That’s what my doc told me.

2 strings. Mine were cut shorter than usual.

I have a severely anteverted uterus and so my original strings were supposed to be extra long, but they sucked up a bit over time, and I could barely feel them after the first month or so. Then I had a LEEP done and they had to actually cut them shorter. Took 2 nurses and 2 doctors to get it out of me when we started for our second kid. lol. NBD. This new one, I can feel them. They are much longer, but I may ask they cut them again, because so can my husband, and apparently getting jabbed with needle like strings is a real mood killer… I mean, so is harboring an 8 lb baby while being stuffed, but I sucked it up when it was my turn to take the hit. :woman_shrugging::roll_eyes::joy:


Two strings but only felt one really. I could feel it when inserting a tampon and my husband could feel it during intercourse. My doctor cut the string a bit because it was too long.