How many times does your kid get out of bed at night?

Approximately how many times or attempts does it take you to put your LO to sleep at night? My baby girl is three months. Every night is different, sometimes right away other nights, I’ll put her to “sleep” (so I would think), and then 5-15 minutes later, she starts fussing or crying, and I start all over again.


I was a give it fifteen minutes Mum .Obviously if she’s bawling go in, but just see if she can settle herself first. Try five minutes, then ten etc. No more than fifteen.

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3 month olds dont really have a sleeping schedule and every baby is different. So what works for one might not work for you.
Sleep is developmental.


My 4 month daughter wakes up only twice, I give her a bath every night with lavender soap, feed her a whole bottle before bed, give her teething gel and swaddle her and she’s out

My baby is 3 months and once he’s asleep, he’s out for the rest of the night until at least 6am.

My nearly 6 month old still wakes every 2 hours for bottles but still fusses in between aswel she has 4 bottles between 11pm-5am x

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Every baby at that age is different you’re gonna get a lot of same, in between, and far from it type of answers.

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At 2 years they will have a regular sleep schedule but untill then it will change all the time but make sure they have a full belly a clean diper and pray that they sleep wish you good luck my 1 year old has almost got 6 to 7 hours down


My girls are older now. 4&6 but they were premie born 2 months early. I use to give them a warm lavender bath around 9pm & lavender lotion before their bedtime bottle and bum change. But I remember them waking up 3-4 hours after this needing another bottle :slightly_smiling_face:

My youngest is 2 months old and will wake up once to eat and sleep through the rest of the night. At this age they’re not doing it to be needy; they are babies and just like us they are all different. Some babies will require more attention than others.

It’s normal for that age not to have a sleeping pattern yet and every baby is different. My daughter at that age would sleep 1-2 hours then cry asking for bottle. Sleeps another 3-4 hrs to feed again. She sleeps longer not asking to feed if she didn’t have lots of naps during the day. Making a routine might help but honestly, babies around that age would sleep easily if they are very comfortable, not hungry & not sick.

3 month olds don’t sleep through the night

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I hold my 3.5 month old to sleep every night between 7-8pm, depending on when he shows signs of being tired. Takes about 15-20 minutes before I can put him down, and then he’ll sleep for anywhere from 5 to 8 hours

Totally normal for 3 month old. My kids didn’t sleep through the night until they were about 2

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I have an 8 month old and he goes to sleep at 9-9:30 wakes up once to eat in the middle of the night and gets up at 6ish. We co-sleep.

At that age none of my kids stayed on a night sleeping schedule… There would be times where they would switch and be up all night and want to sleep all day… But when theyd be on a “decent” schedule they would be up about 2 or 3 times from say 930 to 730am. Youll get a more steady schedule when shes a lil older shes just getting out of the newborn stage. I know youre dying for that sleep and its coming but its going to be a couple more months… By about 6 months they can generally sleep thru the night but then she may not… As not all advance on this one the same … We always did a bedtime bath (baby magic makes a great bedtime bath) did full body massage with the lotion and would lay em down with a sound machine that had dancing lights and the mobile without the sound. It seemed to help but again at this age shes not going to stick to a sleep schedule and youll drive yourself and her nuts trying to force it

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Our daughter is 4 months and since she was 2 months we have a routine. 5pm she gets a bottle, 7pm she gets baby rice (currently mixing banana in) 8pm bath/lotion book and snuggle and at 9pm she takes whatever she wants of a bottle and goes to sleep. Most of the time she sleeps until 4am-6am depending on hunger and gums hurting.

I’m glad that ship has sailed for me.

My daughter is almost 13 months, and she STILL has no typical bed time schedule. Some nights, she’s so good about going to bed herself, other nights, im up until 2 am begging her to sleep. But, the one thing that has not changed, is she wakes up AT LEAST 3 times a night. Mostly more, but never less…

My little girl is 3 months old and has been sleeping through the night since she was 1 week old