How many words are your toddlers saying?

How many unprompted words are your newly turned two year olds saying? Not counting the ones they repeat after they hear you say them (I guess those don’t count) the ones they say on their own.


Please don’t compare your kids to others. Everyone is different and learn and do things at their own pace. My oldest was hitting milestones early while my youngest was behind them. Now my youngest surpasses my oldest in others. Each are different.


My daughter will be 2 in 2 weeks. She says about idk… 50-75 words. She also says 2 word sentences, sometimes 3.


By two my son could say 50-60 words.

Don’t compare you child to others. My son wasn’t talking at two years old and now he’s four and you’d never be able to tell he was a late talker.


My son will be 2 in August he says maybe 20-25 words

My toddler is 2 years and 4 months old and is a talking machine. It would be hard to say, but in an hour, he probably says 40-50 sentences just having ordinary conversation. He has no constraints to verbally tell me what he wants or tell us about his day and can talk in long sentences no issues. He didn’t start singing his alphabet until about 23 months. Now he knows the months of the year, alphabet, colors, etc. Some little ones are just more quiet🙂

Just got this from my doctor a few weeks ago. All kids learn at different paces! My oldest was in a home daycare and was speaking so much by age 2-3 but my youngest is home with me full time as a stay at home parent and she speaks. But it isn’t as clear or as often. I think exposure to other kids helped so much! So covid definitely put a damper on kids getting together and learning from each other. You are doing great! Be patient and keep working with them. They will catch on in no time! Like a light switch! :heart::heart:


My toddler likes to say fuck :rofl::woman_shrugging:

My daughter is 17 months. Shes saying
Daddy sounds kinda like diddy
Popaw sounding the ways its spelled
Ba Ba

My one 22mo. Twin girl said out of nowhere “Wake up, Cat!” While holding her stuffed animal cat

My little one is 13 months but she also has a hearing impairment requiring her to wear hearing aids. But please take the advice above from the other ladies don’t compare your child to others because they all learn differently and at their own pace… I swore my lo was going to have speech problems because of her hearing loss but so far it hasn’t affected her any

When my daughter turned 2 she was saying full sentences all day, every day.
Others at 2 are saying single words…both normal I think

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My 2 yo speaks like adult convos

My sons 13 months and we only have one word so far, Baba

My LG is 18 months and can say mum
Poo from telletubbies
Says milka for milk
Bye bye baby
Each child is different and learn at different stages xx

Like 1000 by 2 lol :sweat_smile:

I have 4 Daughters. Never even compared them to each other.

If you are at all worried, get a speech evaluation. You will either ease your mind or get your child the help they need

My boy is days away from 2 and he talks and talks and talks, but we can only pick up on about 20 words, and 3 phrases. They aren’t always easy to understand though. He’s in speech therapy and early intervention. My daughter didn’t say more than a few recognizable words until 3, and people outside the household couldn’t really understand her well until age 4. She’s diagnosed ADHD/ASD. We will see about him. I’m tired of comparing my kids to others. There are kids off the spectrum that can’t talk until later, but it is what it is. Honestly, at this point, my hope is just that one of them is functional enough to hold down a job, and that one can take care of the other one after we die. We like to keep the bar low in this house. lol :tipping_hand_woman: