How many words does your 10-month-old say?

Hi. I have a ten-month-old, and he can say, mama, dada, and nana, but he goes days at times without using his words and just makes noises. He only said dada for like two days and then just stuck with mama. I call that a mom wins, but my question is, any other moms have babies around his age that have days they just don’t use their words? I get it. I have days where I don’t want to talk, but the Drs and milestones make it seem they are supposed to be different. And No, I haven’t brought up this to the dr because he is young, and I don’t see any reason to be concerned I’m just curious as to other babies. Thanks.


My almost 10mo baby only says mama, dada, baba, and sometimes papa. At her 9 month check up the doctor didn’t even question if she was saying words, just wanted to make sure her motor skills were developing. So I think it’s normal around this age. Some days mine says dada all day long, others she just screams all day.

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My kids didn’t have full talking conversations until 2(?) I would say. Somewhere close to there.

As long as he is saying words and is understanding the words, you’re good. Try showing him things and use one syllable words to describe them. Have him repeat…bring it up randomly every day. Over time they catch on and it is so fun to watch. That’s how they learn


Its normal. My kids both around that age talked about and then went a good couple of weeks without saying words.

My niece just turned two and doesnt speak at all. No words. Just sounds.


My son could talk more than he let on. He just wasnt a talker. He would say a few words here and there but he was just a random noise maker but the dr said we needed to start encouraging him to use his words. So when he pointed and made a noise saying he wanted something I would tell him the words he needed to say and he started saying words instead of pointing and grunting

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Einstein didn’t talk till 5!


My 15 month old only says mama, daddy, Yeah, no, boo and boobie but its obvious he understands alot of what we say. I wouldn’t worry xx

I have 3 kids. My two oldest didn’t start speaking coherently or in full sentences until like 2.5-3…

My youngest just turned 1 in June & he says dada and hi…

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My 10 month almost 11 month says dada, mama, and hi. :slightly_smiling_face:

He’s a baby lol! they don’t really start saying words until maybe 12-18 months relax Mama! and everybody’s baby is different


And im not being rude or anything, but boys usuallly develop slower than girls!! But i think he is fine! Everyone goes at their own pace!

Kids learn differently at different stages… my 17 month old rarely talks. Hes using sign language and can say about 4 different things but rarely speaks words… and they are basic babbles when he does. my oldest daughter was very late talking around 2… 2 1/2

I have a 12 mo old and she only says mama and dada. It’s normal.

My baby girl will be 11 months tomorrow she only says mama and dada. And other little sounds and noises lol her doctor isn’t worried. Now if she was closer to being two I would be worried. I have been trying to use little small words in sign language too.

I wouldn’t worry my 1 year old says mamma daddy an mamma he used to say hiya but some days he doesn’t speak an he makes noises x

My 10 month old says dada mostly and dads not even in the picture. He also says momma, bubba (bottle) aunty, nana and hi and duck bc he loves bath time and he always plays with his little ducks. His doc is not worried. He will talk when he wants.

My little sister was 3 before she said anything at all they ran all these tests and everything. Turned out everyone just always handed her everything she wanted or needed so she didn’t actually need to talk…

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My 14 month old said Mama first around 10 months, then dada, and now doesn’t say them (well he says dadada and da to everything). I’m convinced those are just early sounds! My son goes through phases with sounds. I bet if he were my second kid, I would realize some of these sounds are associated to certain things, therefore becoming a “word” for him. Right now he can meow whenever he sees a cat, roar like a dinosaur, and say “yeeeeah!” I think it’s normal and not every kid will have “real” words until closer to 18 months.

My grandaughter didn’t speak until she was almost 3. Don’t worry. Kids will speak when they are ready x