How much did you gain in your pregnancy?

Hey mamas. How much weight did yall gain during pregnancy? This is my second baby. My first is seven years old. I was about 128 before I got pregnant, and now at 32 weeks, I weigh in at 157…I just feel like it’s a lot. I did gain around 50 lbs with my first, but I ended up having a big baby…


I just gave birth to my son. I started my pregnancy at about 120 and my last weigh in the day before I was 169, so I gained 50 pounds pretty much

With my first I gained 90 lb which was not good because I was already overweight. My second son is just 10 months younger than my oldest so I didn’t gain a lot I think it was maybe 15 lb. With my third son I didn’t gain any weight or lose I stayed the same weight the entire time which baffled the doctors. With my last one it was a little girl I gained 15 lb. Now with each one of these pregnancies I was already overweight so they didn’t want me to gain much but the first one by far was the craziest amount.

With my first i had preeclampsia and I gained 30+ pounds :sweat_smile:
I had no complications with my second and only gained 15 total!

About 25-35 pounds with both pregnancies.
With my oldest, I gained 25…lost 10 (I had a dislocated rib and the pain made me sick and made it hard to eat). Then gained back 10.
So I really gained 35 all together.

With my youngest I think I gained around 30 pounds.

My first kid I lost weight through out the whole 9mnths. With my second I gained weight like no tmrw

On pregnancy 6 and weight went down each time but babies weight went up. Im 26 weeks and last i weight myself i gained 6 pounds my first i gained 50 pounds. And he was 6 lbs

My first I gained about 30lbs. My second (currently 36 weeks along) I was overweight already so I started to lose weight initially when I changed my diet and sugar intake and am now back up to where I was full term with my first baby.

75 first child. 67 second child.

22lbs with first and I’m 34 weeks with second and I’ve gained 14lbs

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45-ish lbs for both. And lost all of it afterwards.

I gained 43lbs with my twins. A week after having them I was below pre-pregnancy weight by 3lbs. I ended up having a lot of water retention and I was overall just so swollen. My OB actually always came at me at every appointment telling me to get off my “see-food” diet :roll_eyes:

I gained 80 with my first baby and 12 with my second one.

50 w/ my 1st & 12 w/my 2nd

About 6 pounds for my first 5 for my second.

80 the first one and I’m not counting this one. I excercise and eat well. We’re all built differently. Don’t stress, you don’t weigh a lot at all!

30/35ish with all 3 of mine and it took about a year to lose the baby weight after each one.

10-15 pounds both times

30 lbs with my first 2 and 14lbs with my 3rd. I was very sick with my 3rd though.

37 lbs! Started at 100 lbs and ended 137. Was 113 at 6 week checkup after delivery and now back to pre pregnancy wait 2 years later