How much did you gain in your pregnancy?

I gained 60 with my first and had a 9lb 5oz baby girl. I gained maybe 15 with my second and he was 8lbs

I gained 21 lbs with my 1st.

You’re supposed to gain 20-35 bounds

Gained 18lb w my first, and so far 20lb with this one.
First was a girl, 8lb 6oz,
This one is a boy and I’m almost 36 weeka

I gained 12 lbs with my last due to hyperemesis. Gained 50 with 1st child.

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96 with the 1st
70 with the 2nd

First one 31lbs he was 8lb 9oz

Second I gained 44lbs he was 8lbs 6oz

Third one I gained 60lbs and he was 10lbs 12oz

Fourth I gained 19lbs she was 10lbs 5oz

And 5th I gained 20lbs he was 9lbs 12oz

40 pounds with all 3.

My 1st I went from 118 to 165. My 2nd I went from 120 to 163 and my 3rd I only gained 12 lbs so ya really never know lol

With my first and only so far I was 130lbs pre pregnancy and was 157lbs at the end!

I went from 117 to 180 and left the hospital weighing 145😬

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I gained 22lbs. All belly.

Your supposed to gain 30-50 pounds. If you look online there’s a thing on how much the baby weighs how much the water weighs how much your boobs gain. How much the parents weighs. It’s all distributed different. Hugs. Your ok I was the same about 125 and gave birth at 157. I’m 5’6. I’m now trying to gain some of that weight back as half of it is gone right after you give birth. So you know your breasts can weigh from 5-7 lbs alone. Hugs.


Around 15 each time. This is my 4th but I blame the baby they wouldn’t let me eat lol everything made me nauseous lol

47 lbs with my first (she weighed 8 lb 6 oz)
10 lbs with my second (he was 8 lb 7 oz)

First I gained 12 pounds second I gained 16 and I’m currently 30 weeks and I’ve already gained 18 and still have 10 weeks to go.

80lbs with my first. I was 15 & in sports so once i quit everything i gained a lot. With my second i was at a normal good weight & gained 40lbs. I didn’t breastfeed with my second so i haven’t lost anything.

I gained exactly 15lbs. All mostly in the last trimester. Then lost it all before I left the hospital.

I didn’t keep track in my 2nd or 3rd pregnancy. My first pregnancy was twins and I gained 125lbs. :flushed:

I was 115 and the last appointment before the birth, I believe I was at 163. I even told the nurse not to tell me how much I weighed I didn’t even want to know and that stressed me out lol I don’t like to admit I think I was about 170 before giving birth.