How much did you gain in your pregnancy?

I gained 50lbs. with a 7lb. baby

I gained 78lbs with my first. I’m 22wks tomorrow with my second and have gained 6lbs so far. It’s healthy to gain 20-30lbs throughout your pregnancy.

I gained around 20lbs, was 172lbs and the day before I gave birth I was 193lbs

I gained 23 lbs with my one and only pregnancy

I went from 120 to 180 with the first, then 130 to 196 with the 2nd. Almost a year out now and I’m back to 125! Don’t sweat it!

40lbs. My baby was 8lbs 3oz

I gained about 30 lbs and I’m now a little smaller than when I had my baby a month ago

With my first I gained 80lbs. Started at 140 ended at 220.

Second pregnancy I started at 164 and am currently 24weeks at about 182lbs. Still more than “they” “suggest” but its better than the first to around LOL

I gave up and just accepted I gain more than I should. My doctor never said anything bad about it just kept reminding me to eat healthy and that I’m pregnant I’m gona gain weight.

30 lbs with my first 32-36 weeks delivery 6 lbs 9 oz
35 lbs with my second 40 weeks 3 days delivery 8 lbs 11 oz
20ish With my son 39 weeks 4 days 7 lbs 11 oz
I’m 32 weeks on Thursday and only gained 7 lbs so far

I have given birth to 5 kids 1st i gained 20 pounds he was 8 pounds 13 oz a week late 2nd she was 7 pounds 9 0z a month early I was very sick and gained 78 pounds,3rd she was 10 pounds 3 weeks early I lost 10 pounds,4th he was 9 pounds 2 weeks early I lost 15 pounds my last he was 8 pounds 13 oz I gained 40 pounds…so random all of mine but in my 3rd and 4th pregnancy I had an overactive thyroid so I could eat anything I wanted all day and lost wt…it was amazing haha

I always lost weight in my pregnancies. Usually about 10 lbs less than my normal weight than I would gain 20 by the end of my pregnancy.

I gained 50lbs exactly with all 3 of mine. They were itty bitty so it was all butt and thighs with my weight gain :rofl:

My first i gained 30 with my 2nd I gained 20…i have a really difficult time putting on or taking weight off tho so it’s a miracle that I gained that much

Who cares?! Are you eating a variety of healthy foods? Are you exercising and taking care of yourself? That’s all that matters.

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At 17 with the first I gained 65lbs
19 with the second I gained 40
35 with the third I gained 3lbs (I was heavier to begin with)

I was 139 lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy and 182 when I went into labor. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and they never once told me I was gaining to much. So. :slight_smile:

I gained 18 with my first, about 25 with my second, and 13 with my third …but my third was born with heart issues, so my heart was overcompensating for hers (like cardio) throughout my pregnancy.

With my first I was 160 and went up 80lb due to massive Italian food pasta and pizza cravings was 240lb when I gave birth 5 years later pregnant with second I was 215lb now 235lb at 35 weeks I think it just all depends on your eating habits I’m very picky with my food

Girrllll lemme tell ya … I feel like I gained so much …but everyone tells me I look great …so idk if its them being nice or what …I was 128lbs 4 weeks preggo …im bt to deliver any day now …but um yea I gained 40lbs …they think the baby is abt 7.4oz …hopefully the weight comes off just as fast as it got put on

32 lbs…lost 27 by my 6 week check up…