How much did you gain in your pregnancy?

I gained 60 with my first. Lost some and gained it back and then done in nursing school. 20 pounds my second pregnancy. Third pregnancy I gained about 50 and had a 9 pound 9 ounce baby.

30lbs is what is expected at least thats what I was told but I gain weight after having my daughter

I gained 50 with my first

With my first I was 110 lbs and gained 43. Had my second 17 months later and my weight was 120 and gained 18.

5 pregnancies. #1, boy, gained 75. #2 girl, gained 30. #3, boy, gained 42. #4 girl, gained 24. #5 girl, gained 20. I think I gained the most with my first and least with my 5th because my body learned exactly what it needed for the job. I usually lost it all nursing, or within a year or two. I’m a small framed person, if that makes a difference in my response to your question.

I was 16 with my first and gained 80 lbs, my second at 18 I gained 40. Third at 25 and gained 35, fourth at 27 and gained 40. All were healthy babies, everyone is different, and each pregnancy is different. Don’t stress the weight gain, just focus on eating healthy, and exercise regularly even if it’s just walking.

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i gained 44 with my first, 41 with my second and 40 with my third

I went from 90lbs before pregnancy to 187ish at my last appointment which was about a week before I went into labor.

20# with all 3 of mine but week before I had them I would lose 2#. First baby weighed 7# 9 3/4 oz, second weighed 8# 10 2/3 oz., 3rd weighed 7# 14 1/2 oz.

1st, 60 lbs. 2nd, 35

I gained 32 pounds & it was my first pregnancy.

I gained about 50kgs and my baby was only 7lb 4oz

With a “normal” BMI you should gain about 25-35lbs during pregnancy. Seems like your right on track.

My 1st 65lbs.
2nd 28 lbs.

I lost 20ish pounds, then gained about 50 for a total gain of about 30 over my prebirth weight. My son ended up being 8 pounds 13 ounces. If you’re gaining too much weight, your midwife will talk to you about it. Otherwise if you’re concerned then ask your provider.

I put on 80lb with my first pregnancy, but I ended up with preeclampsia and was carrying crazy amount of water… My second I am currently 30 weeks and have gained 30lbs so far.

My first was 25 lbs and my second was 5lbs.

My first i gained a whopping 90 lbs. My second i only gained 20, they weighed almost exactly the same

With my first i gained 12 lbs with this one ive gained 10 and im 24 weeks

100 pounds 12pounds baby, no stretch marks.