How much did your baby weight at their last appointment?

How much did your baby weigh at his/her last appointment? At my daughter’s 6-month last week, she was 15 pounds 8 ounces. She has more than doubled her birth weight, but every baby I know seems to weigh a bit more, and I get comments on how small she is often. She’s also a bit short. The doctor said everything looks great, but I’m breastfeeding so still nervous about it.


I have 15 month old twins and they only weigh 18lbs

My son was, still is, a tiny boy. He’s gained some weight but still so short for his age. If doc says it’s good then it’s good. Everyone grows at their own pace. Don’t compare to others.

Breastfeeding gives optimal nutrition and the growth pattern often doesn’t match charts put out by formula companies. Trust your body, it’s doing a great job and the doctor is confident in that as well. When your child is older she will be healthier for having the natural growth rate for her.

My 12 month old weighed 19lbs and doctors considered that perfect weight

I agree, breastfed arent always as plump as formula. If she has wet diapers, and your dr is happy than I think you should be too. If you are concerned about your production you could talk to a lactation consultant.

Every baby is different. Some are bigger, some are smaller. No need to worry unless the doctor is concerned. If doc says she’s healthy, and she’s happy, then everything is going great!

Sounds absolutely right for a breast fed baby. You’re doing great. The best thing about breast milk is that it alters consistency during the meal. The only time you may have a problem is in a heatwave. You’re not in the Sahara are you?

I had 2 babies that were always in the 90% or more percentile and my middle one was always teeny. If the dr says baby is good then you are doing a good job!!!

All I know is that the birth weight must triple by 3 months, from then the baby should gain 2.5kg yearly. But babies differ

No 2 babies are the same and shouldn’t be compared. Your baby’s development depends on numerous things, genetics, nutrition intake, etc…u should NEVER compare your baby to another.

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That’s normal weight

Are you petite? Perhaps she just has genes that determine her height and weight. Relax, and enjoy your baby.

There all different dr happy that’s good

I don’t know if the advice is still given, but years ago the guideline was double the weight at 5 mos, triple at 1 year. Sounds like you are hitting the mark.

My 4th baby was 6 lbs 13.1 ozs and he is 5 months from being 2 and just now hit 20 lbs and is 31 inches and 1/4 in height. But his irish twin who will be 3 on Saturday was 6 lbs 9 ozs at birth and is 37 inches tall and 33 lbs in weight. They are both very different all around. And I’m not complaining one bit or worried. Both were bottle fed as well. And we always tell the doctor’s you can’t go by the growth charts. Myself the mother is 4 ft 9 and 110 lbs max. Their father is 5 ft 10 and 188 lbs. And i was 6 lbs 15 ozs and the father was 8 lbs 11 ozs. Both of us parents both also come from wide varieties of sizes in our families as well. Im the eldest of 4 girls and the father is the baby of 8 and the biggest baby in his family was a few lbs off of 13 lbs when they were born. My youngest of 4 also eats like food is running out of style and my 3rd he is very picky. And use to eat like my 4th. So i don’t judge anyone else’s children or child.

Mine still weighs 17lbs at her one year, as long as the doctor’s not concerned it’s ok. Every baby is on a different growth curve.

6 months: 20lbs, 30",tall. All babies grow differently. As long as they are following the same growth curve, its fine!

My 18 month old is 19.5 pounds. Barely gained anything since 12 months. As long as she is proportionate I wouldn’t worry to much. That’s what the doctors keep telling me.

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Dont worry about other baby’s. If she’s on HER growth curve and meeting milestones that’s all that matters