How much do you pay for a babysitter?

Hi, I was wondering how much everyone pays for a babysitter? Also, do you pay by the day or by the hour? I understand everywhere, and everyone is different. I was just looking for an estimate. My child is 1, and I’m in Illinois if that helps. Thank you in advance. I’m transitioning from a stay at home mom to working full time soon. I’m sending my kids, ages 2 & 4, to a sitter for the first time. Tomorrow is the first day with the sitter for a few hours as a trial run. For mamas who have transitioned from SAHM to working, what are the best things I need to do to make the transition as easy as possible? It’s a big transition for all of us, and I want to make their first day as unique as possible


I pay a daily rate of $30-$40 depending on who I have babysit my 4yo. When she was younger my mom babysat full time for me and I paid her $5/hr because I was making $13/hr and I was living with my mommy and wasn’t being charged rent or bills

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If it’s not someone your close to watching them then you should probably pay by hour and whatever baby sitters usually make a hour in your city. If it is someone your close to then you two can probably come to a agreement and how pay can go.

don’t ever call a ‘childcare provider’ a ‘babysitter’. A babysitter is a teenaged girl or boy who comes into your home for a few hours while you go out to dinner, a movie or a party. Someone (usually an older woman) who runs a childcare out of their home is a professional with specific nurturing skills. They help you raise your child and love them almost as much as a grandparent or aunt. Choose someone experienced, has a safe home (especially during covid - masks etc) and shows they care about your child. I have been looking after children for over 30 years - I generally charge $175.00 for a child under 3, $150.oo for pre-school and $75.00 for school aged children. If there are two or more children in the family a reduction per week of $5.00 - $10.00. I have been told I am cheap. Many charge much more. As far as the transition is concerned> don’t linger at drop-off. There may be tears but they stop as soon as you are gone. Let the childcare provider take charge and listen to what she tells you. Keep an open discussion between you at all times - your concerns, her concerns and the child’s concerns. If the child is happy then you will be happy too. Enjoy!!!


I paid $40 a day for daycare for my 3 year old

When I babysit, I charge $20/day per child. I’m in Indiana.

$50 a day for my 2 in an in home day care

I pay 100 a week for my newborn

I’m in Georgia and weekly its around $120. Daily $30 or $35

We live in Illinois our in home daycare provider charges 15.00 a day per child.

I’m an in home sitter and charge weekly rates of $150 for up to 2 kids at fulltime hours and $100 for up to 2 kids at parttime hours. $50 more for a third child on either schedule. Pay is expected the week in advance!

I’m an hour west of Chicago… I do home daycare I charge $60 a day for 2 kids for 9/hour day

I make $25 an hour as a nanny but when sending kids to someone’s home usually $35 to $40 per day.

I pay $20 a day, but she only goes once a week when I have to work 2nd shift.

Im in michigan I pay 100$ part time 3 days a week. They said it would be 120 for 4 days and then 130 full time monday-friday

I made $10/hr for 6+ hour nights. That was back around 2010 when I was a teen. Ontario.

I’m a certified teacher in MA but when I “babysit” I charge $10/hr plus a dollar an hour for each additional child. I work with special needs children a lot and depending on their specific needs I may charge more, especially if I have my daughter with me. I consider it about equivalent to taxed minimum wage or fair wage.

When I was babysitting I charged 20 bucks a day
They brought diapers and food I did supply snacks

Where I live the recommended wage for a babysitter is $20-25$ an hour.

I pay $10/hour for evening/night care. Up to three kids no infants. And a nice cot by the kids to sleep and bring your own child to play. All the tv and WiFi. I’ve only had 2 sitters until my daughter didn’t need a sitter. It’s hard to leave them!