How much do you pay your babysitter?

Question: How much do you pay your babysitter?? And how many kids? For example, if you have some errands to run and just have someone come and watch your kids for a few hours. Not daycare, just babysitters.


I paid mine $5 an hour and had food , drinks and snacks at babysitters house


$10/hour for one child (age 2)


Depends on their certifications as well…the more training (cpr,first aid, etc) the more i am willing to pay.


Really depends on your location. In the area I live in you can’t really find one for less than $15/hr for one child.


Depends where. When living down south Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma. Was a $10 hour for friends a simple $20 a day. Here in the city of Chicago they ask for $30 an hour and extra $10 per kid

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Definitely depends on where you live, the age of children and babysitter and if you require any thing else besides watching the kids. I’d pay my sitters more if they cleaned up after my kids. Big bonus

$10/hour is what I’ve done but that’s for a young teenager.

I would be willing to pay one $10hr but my sitter refuses to take it because we are always helping them out even when they aren’t needed to watch my little one :two_hearts:

$10/hour, plus +3 more per additional kid is what mine charges. I have 2 kids so its $13 bucks per hour. I expect my sitter to clean up after the children while they’re in their care…I dont expect any other services and if I do, like light tidying, I adjust pay for that and it’s been discussed before they start.

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When my son was 6 months to 2 yr old. I paid 25 a day and supplied everythibg. He went to a daycare place and it was 125 a week. No matter what. They supplied meals anx snacks all the art stuff and app access to get updates and pictures. When he started kindergarten he went back to the sitter and it is 5 for pick up and drop off. 10 to watch him after school so it ends to 75 a week. If school is out then it is 20 for that day.

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I pay my older kids after so many times with something they need or really want. If they are friends’ kids it’s 10-12/hr (3 kids 7, 4 & 2)

I didn’t ask for it but my in-laws gave me $100 a week. Grant you I usually only watch my nephew 1 day a week sometime 2. I usually have him for roughly 24 hours on average. So with that math it’s roughly $4/hr. However, I love the time I get with my nephew and I would of done it for free but they insisted on paying. They provide the food and diapers. However, I feed him what I’m eating as well. He is 2.

We have a college girl nanny for us, during school hours she watches 2yr old then after school our 5, 9 and 11 yr old so 4 kids - we pay her $11.50/ hour.
She picks them up from school, takes them to after school activities, picks up house, helps w homework etc. When she has all 4 kids its only $2.88 per kid.
She watches them about 20 hrs a week. Also our states minimum wage right now $9.10

$28/day for my 2yr old

If it’s a good babysitter with cpr cert I’d pay $10/hour

Rediculous what people charge. I charge 3 bucks an hour for one kid, sometimes cheaper with two siblings has a babysitter rate on their website done by zipcode, in San Diego County it ranges $13-$30 hourly depending. Most won’t work for below $15 hourly. In Del Mar minimum usually $18 hourly. This is for babysitter not nanny. I’m a babysitter I charge $15 hourly flat, doesnt matter # of kids I’ve worked with families with 1-4 kids not including my own . I’m a mom also so I do bring my kids, I worked for a family for 2 years and stayed at the same rate no raise, I loved the family so it wasnt an issue but most babysitters expect a raise after a certain amount of time. It just varies on your area, services provided, and hours.

Depends on how many kids. I’d say $10 an hour for a kid. Then if you have more than one kid, I’d add a few dollars to that for each one.

I was paid $25 a day