How much does a tubal ligation cost?

My husband and I agreed no more kids after this one. I want to get a tubal but don’t know how much it costs and whether insurance will cover it. Does anyone have experience with ths?


Not sure about a tubal, but my husband’s vasectomy only cost me $35! Just saying.


Our insurance covered my husband’s vasectomy.
I think the price just depends on your insurance. You’ll need to talk to your Obgyn about it so they can go over everything for you first and then if you still want one, they’ll set it up for you.

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My insurance through my work covered it

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Without insurance, about $10k

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Depends on your insurance. If it’s a religious insurance or they just won’t cover it, you can apply for special programs through your state (I’m in California and we have a few like PACT and Access)

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I had it done years ago I got it for anything

Much much easier and cheaper to have him get a vascectomy.


My tubal was covered by my state insurance but I heard that the government has passed a law and not sure if it’s only in specific states but they said that birth control may no longer be covered by insurance. But if I had to pay it would of been a little over 5,000$

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My insurance covered it completely. Call and ask. Make sure you word it right as a preventative for getting pregnancy, yeah I know that’s common sense, but it matters.

My tubal was covered by my insurance. I had mine done same time as my c section.

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Depends on insurance!! My husbands covered his vascectomy!

Get him to do it- one day off and not major surgery

Research it to the core before making that decision. I wish I never had! PTLS is real!


I’m getting one done through my state insurance and I was told that they’ll cover it.

I would get him fixed!! Less risk. Cost less.

Have your husband get fixed. Getting tubes tied is so much harder.

Just got mine done 4 months ago after my third c section. All covered by insurance .

Medicaid pays for tubes tying for first 6 weeks

My experience is that kids cost way more :smirk: