How much does it cost to reverse a tubal ligation?

I am getting married and my fiance and I want to have a baby, however I got my tubes tied years ago. Does anyone know what it costs to have the procedure reversed?


We paid 11,000 still didn’t work

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You might be better off trying ivf


Depends where you live I am in Ontario Canada and I paid 2,000 + cost of hospital stay but I had my stay covered because I had a cyst removed at the same time and it worked I have had 2 babies since having it reversed


I have heard anywhere from $5,000- $7,5000 but some places are more I heard of one woman who paid $9,000. However keep in mind that a tubal ligation reversal is not 100% it does not guarantee you to get pregnant or have a healthy pregnancy. You have a much higher risk of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy if you do get pregnant.

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Do ivf. I paid 8000 out of pocket. Ended up losing a tube because of ectopic and my other one is completely blocked. Now my only hope is ivf anyway

I did IVF 12 years after my tubes were tied. I got pregnant the first try at 40.

You could always adopt. Doesnt make u less of a mother.


I wanted to get a reversal and my dr told me ivf was my best bet.

I did Ivf. Dr said I had 5% chance if we untied my tubes. Ivf worked and she’s now 6

If they removed them they cant do much. Some people do get tubes untied but it does not always work.

I was 40 when I had mine done in Ontario and had two very healthy children

Questions like this we really need to know whether they’re in America or not. The cost of those things drastically change from country to Country.

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Depends on where you are but where I am the cheapest I’ve found is 11k

Depends on what country you live in and were your tubes clipped or cut and burned. Clips is way cheaper and less evasive

It’s cheaper to do Ivf and your chances are much higher going that route. Where I’m at it cost about 10 grand with no promise that it will even work.

Call me a crazy bitch for thinking this but that’s why doctors ask repeatedly if youre sure you want the procedure done.
They ask over and over again.
It’s not a decision you get to make on a whim.
And you dont just get to change your mind years later because you find a new boyfriend that wants a baby…you made a choice not to have anymore kids.
Now you get to live with it.

Ivf is the way to go if you have no fertility issues and it’s usually covered partially by insurance whereas the tubal reversal is not

Check what you had done. I know a couple of people who had their tubes clipped. I’d assume this could be reversed. My wife had hers cut. They removed a section of each tube. We were told at the time it was irreversible but I don’t know what they can do nowadays. Good luck.

My friend looked into doing this several years ago. She was quoted between $6,000-12,000, depending on how the original surgery was done and whether or not she wanted a tube reconstruction. (The reconstruction is desirable to avoid possible ectopic pregnancy.) Some insurance will not cover this type of surgery because it is elective and because they will end up paying more out, due to consequent pregnancies, birth control, and/or repeat tubal ligation. Her insurance policy was very good, but wouldn’t cover a reversal, so she was not able to get it done.