How much does your SO make for you to be a SAHM?

My babysitter tested positive, and I have no other options for babysitters. I just finished my quarantine from being positive and am suppose to work tomorrow, but I can’t. I’m afraid I’m going to be fired because of this. My fiancé makes $15 an hour. Being a SAHM sounds appealing but idk how financially we would make it. How much does your SO make an hour for you to be a SAHM? How do you finance? I really don’t know what to do


Depends on where u live… and your standard of living… $15 an hour isn’t much to support a family. But just do the Math and see if it works


My ex boyfriend was a stay at home dad. I worked making 13.50 an hour. It was tough, but we made it.

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So i have 4 kids (4,2,1,&6 months) the older two are fully potty trained, but my husband makes $13 an hour & we manage. Some months are harder than others, it all comes down to budgeting & prioritizing your expenses.


Well I’m a stay at home mom me and my husband have one child and 2 from his previous marriage
He get 18 a hour and still we are having a hard time
Two oldest are homeschooling

Sorry but $15 aint enough to support a family


I think y’all could do it. My SO makes 17 an hour and we have an 18 month old and due in Feb. We always get what we need for 2 weeks since he gets paid biweekly. Any left over money is spent on wants and 50-100 stays in the bank for emergencies.

My husband works till six and I lost my childcare due to work changing my schedule every week and it’s interfering with my childcare schedule so I’m looking for a night job or late evening job to make it work so I’m not just working just to pay childcare the money I’ll make will go towards bills and stuff

I believe it depends on demographics my dear ! In mass making 60000 a year is difficult to live ! So 15 an hr here couldn’t cut it , that’s almost minimum wage here !

I am lucky I stay home but my husband makes 41 dollars an hour. We struggled for a long time though

Well we didn’t really look at what he made but more so how much you actually bring home after you pay daycare! It wasn’t worth it for us


My husband owns his own business if he didn’t we wouldn’t be able to afford

Where live $15 is just a little over minimum wage and there would be no way we could currently afford things just the 2 of us. You fit your lifestyle to your income, you will running on bare minimum at $15. Could you find a job in opposite of your fiance? Example you would work morning and he would work evening then you dont need to worry about a everyday sitter.

Depends where you live. Where I live $15/hour is minimum wage.

You would also get child tax so you could factor that in as well

You better hope you have no debit

If you get fired just look for a new job :woman_shrugging:t4:. To me that would not be enough. But it depends on where you live and how his income compares to your expenses.

I’m blessed to stay home, my husband makes $46hr, but it was a long time coming. We struggled for years. Just have to weigh out your options.


Just a thought but maybe you could work the opposite of him period if he works daytime you work evenings, weekends etc…

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It’s do-able. My husband works 60+ hours a week with no days off. Just have to figure out how much your willing to sacrifice really, as in him being away for the duration of the day and budgeting.