How much food does your 7 month old eat?

On average, how much baby food does a seven-month-old eat? My son eats 3 to 4 jars a day and finishes them all. He uses to eat 1 to 2 jars, barely finishing it and drinking 6oz every 4 hours. I’m glad he’s eating more now, but am I feeding him too much or is it normal?


All depends on the baby. If he hungry, feed him.


Food before one is for fun. Primary nutrition should be breastmilk and or formula


My son never seemed full with jars so we switched to BLW and he liked that more than purees

My son ate that much too grew up strong tall and he’s never been sick!

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Is he on the skinny or chubby side

Try mixing baby cereal in with the jar. It may hold him over a little longer but it seems like he’s in a growth spurt!


That about how much mine eats. I mix with oatmeal to make it go farther


My 7 month old will usually only do a maybe 5 spons of baby food. I exclusively pump and I usually make 30-35oz a day and usually only save about 4oz a day now. Shes tried things that dissolve she can hold and chew on. She’s almost pinching. But all babies are different. My 7 month old is in the 38th percentile which has gone up because whe was in the 11th.

Breast milk or formula is needed until one. Anything in addition is just to get them used to other foods. My doctor said you can never overfeed baby, they will stop when they had enough


I fed my 7 month old children finger food -it’s really good eye-hand coordination skills.

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It’s good! Keep him on a variety of veggies not just fruits so he doesn’t get accustomed to sweet stuff my daughter at about 8 9 months started eating real food. She can kill some mac n cheese and chicken nuggets at 11 months with 2 teeth lol

He’s a growing boy, ask your pediatrician if she thinks he’s eating too much.

To all the moms saying “food before 1 is just for fun” yeah I’m sure OP and most moms on here know that. It isn’t what she asked. Now to answer the question, my girls were both off baby food by 7mo and eating whatever we ate. They both ate 3 meals a day, plus snack between lunch and dinner, plus bottles of formula (about 14-16oz each day). If concerned talk to the dr but I think its perfectly fine what you’re feeding you babe.

My son was 9.5 # at birth, I breast fed him for 39 min on each side and gave 4 jars a day of food. Kids generally won’t eat if they’re not hungry. Each baby is different.

Mine eats per day:

  • 3 or 4 baby food packs (4oz each).
  • formula (daily average of 40oz)
  • 2-3 rice rusk crackers

He is 7 months and weighs about 29lbs. He is also 30 inches tall and has been in the 99th/100th percentile since birth. Pediatrician gave his blessing to feed as much as baby wants

That sounds appropriate. Every baby is different. If he’s hungry, feed him.

From my knowledge you can’t overfeed your baby, my doctor told me as long as the amount of food baby is eating isn’t effecting their liquid intake then it’s mostly fine… maybe try heavier food, like oats, grains, things that will fill little tummies with less

If it’s mostly healthy food I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much food for kids.

Every person/baby is different and has different needs. Ask the pediatrician if there are concerns and they will monitor weight, height, head circumference and development.