How Much Money Do You Spend on Christmas for Your Kids?


“How much do you spend on Christmas gifts for the kids? Is it the same amount for each kid or the same amount of gifts for each kid?”

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“Wow anyone who can spend hundreds on their kids is so lucky! I scrape every year just to get my kids one decent present each… we do spend a lot of time together at Christmas though… I just have to tell them to remember it’s the thought that counts!”

“Something they want, something they need, something to eat and something to read. It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of pounds over or under as long as they all have something.”

“Buy what you can afford, so many people get themselves into debt just for one day. It’s all about the presence, not the presents!”

“I buy all year round. I have no idea how much I spend. If I find a good deal in January I buy it. I don’t worry about the same amount of money or gifts. I keep it fair although not necessarily equal. It just equals out in the long run. There’s never been a year in history when my kids have counted how many gifts each got or tried to figure out much I spent.”

“We are focusing on an amount of gifts. Something he wants. Something he needs. Something he wears. Something he reads. An experience. Those are from us! Then 2-3 smaller Santa items. If it’s bigger it comes from us. Our goal is to not set an expectation of receiving a bunch of high priced things.”

“Same amount of gifts. But similar values as well. I don’t get right down to the dollar. With a 5-yo boy and a 3-yo girl, their interests are very different. As long as they’re happy.”

“We have a set limit for each kid and they each get, something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. They also get a Stocking and a combined Santa Gift.”

“I get my 2 girls 1 expensive gift each, then a few smaller gifts.”

“For us, it depends on what money we have by the end of the year. I try to get my kids things they want but sometimes it’s just too much. We never spend more than $100 on our oldest. The 2 yr old just doesn’t care yet so he gets a few fun things and pajamas. Each kid gets new pajamas.”

“I do the same price for my 11 and 2-year-olds. $300-500 each, but I’m also lucky enough to work for a company that gives us really nice bonuses in December; otherwise, I probably wouldn’t spend that much.”

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I have 4. My oldest is 9 and into video games so he is a little more expensive. I try to keep it about the same amount of items, and try to spend around the same. Although I will definitely always end up spending more on my 9 year old than my baby :sweat_smile:

I try to keep it about the same amount of $ per child. I would guess around $200 each.

$200 per kid, we have 3 kids.

I try to keep the gift piles similar sizes. The age gap means the older kids get more expensive, the younger kids are much cheaper. But the haul in the end is very similar in quantity and sizes.
Older kids, 17 and 12 probably about $500-$600 each. Youngers 8 and 4, maybe $250-$300 each.

Just because you spend $200 on a 13-year-old doesn’t mean you’re going to spend $200 on a 6-month-old. Keep it reasonable and use your best judgment and just try to keep it fair. But Santa can’t buy one and iPad and the other one of Barbie


Too damn much! Lol. I have 3 kids and started shopping really early. In theory that sounds like a good idea but I keep buying more and more stuff! Lol

My son was 3 last Christmas and loved squishies and mystery toys so it was a quick 40$ trip down the toy aisle in the dollar store and he was more than excited


We don’t do amounts we just buy gift, we try to do the same number like if one gets 5 gifts so does the other just so they can open the same amount but my kids are 2 and 3 so they are more into the paper and boxes still lol :joy:

This is my first year with two!!!. My youngest turns one about 2 weeks after Christmas, so I also didn’t want to go too entirely crazy because I don’t want them to be a joint thing.

This year I spent around $350 for my oldest, and I truly don’t know if I’m done. She’s 5. The baby, I’ve spent about $150-200, I have one more thing I’d like to get but I doubt it ends up totaling what I spent on my 5 year old.

Same amount of gifts, I don’t care about prices when it comes to Christmas😂 I go all out every year. But i start shopping in the spring🙃


75 a piece on the want then equal from there.


I got an age gap 13yr old an 4yr old so my oldest doesn’t believe in Santa she knows I do the shopping So she knows if they don’t get the same amount of gifts its because her are way more expensive

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Since our son is only 4, this year we’re going to try and keep it under $150

Same amount of gifts. But similar values as well. I dont get right down to the dollar. With a 5yo boy and 3yo girl their interests are very different. As long as they’re happy


I try to do same amount of money and same amount of gifts😂 yes i make it hard on myself😂

I try not to go over $400 total between 2 kids. Ones almost 11 and the other is 5 so price varies quiet a bit on the items for their ages. But I do try to get them the same amount of things to open.

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This is only my second Christmas having two, so I don’t exactly keep things even because $150 for a 10 year old is a lot less than $150 for a 21 month old. I did keep it relatively close to the same in quantity of items last year, though, and expect to do the same this year. I’ll even things up more when my son is older. The money is different every year though. If we can afford to do more one year, we will. I’m really nervous this year though. We were blessed last Christmas so I spent probably $500 in total but that was two kids, my husband, my mom, and all of my in-laws. This year has been much tighter and I’m just focusing on the kids.

Divided equally between all 3. Oldest is into different things so they’re more expensive which means she gets less presents but same amount of money spent.

Wow anyone who can spend hundreds on there kids is sooo lucky I scrape every year just to get my kids one decent present each… we do spend alot of time together at christmas though… i just have to tell them to remember its the thought that counts