How much screen time do you allow?

Alright parents, how much TV/video games do you let your older kids have on the weekends? Here we are in lockdown and there’s nothing else to do. We get outside for walks as much as we can but it’s been very cold. Our 8 and 10 year old can play for hours, then break, then go back at it. Normally we don’t allow so much screen time but it’s so hard to find things to stay busy!


We don’t have a limit. As long as homework and chores are done were fine.


Old family board game

No limits here . If they get there chores done and their homework and they are kind to each other then they can continue to have screen time . I do take devices at bed time.


When I was growing up in the 80s we had about 30 mind to play our games. I don’t see how parent s can let their kids waste time on video games

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Board games, arts and craft, make up some new games. I saw someone say on here that’s its okay if you put subtitles on coz then they are reading pmsl

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Had to start putting a time limit or else he wouldn’t do anything else. Weekdays 2-3 hours depding what else is going on and 5 hours on weekends. We increase for rewards sometimes. I just found he was totally unproductive and even when doing something else all he could think about was video games. He’s 8… I think it’s important they learn that even when you like something, everything in moderation! That will go a long way.

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They are still young and forming those neurons. I think you are the parent , you lay the rules down. A time limit with 8 and 10 year olds is important. Those are the only ages I saw… however preteens and teenagers need routine and limits still as well… Your brain creates new neural connections when you are doing something. We zone out when watching TV. It isn’t challenging nor does it require actively stressing our brain.

I just take away devices/ask them to put em up, when it’s time for something else - homework, chores, outside, food, bath, bed, sometimes even take them so I can get my time in with my kiddos lol.

We are in the midst of a pandemic where nothing about life is normal. A lot of kids activities are canceled, school is being done at home, and they can’t see friends. All the so called rules are out the window, IMO :woman_shrugging:


My daughter can watch however much she wants :woman_shrugging:t2:she’s 3 so she’ll watch a movie, get bored and goes to play with her toys, comes back and watches a movie and then gets on her tablet and listens to the movie. Back and forth and all


Personally for us video games and TV are still for weekends. Weekdays are for school (so they still get technology but not for “fun”). They get their laptops for classes, and most schools work.

Pandemic or not, their attitudes are shit if they get tech for fun on weekdays. No change in this home.

Unlimited. I had unlimited screen time as a kid and it sucked when my friends had to stop playing games because they only got a small amount of time to play each day.

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I mean. I allow more. But just because they are home all the time doesn’t mean they should be playing for hours on end. Toys, board games, books. There are other things to do.


It really depends on your kids. I limit my kids screen time because their behavior after it goes off is worse than if they hadn’t had it at all.

Tablet and playstation have to be earned with chores and good behavior. They get as long as it takes me to cook supper.

Cartoons is a bit more, the three year old gets the most. He’ll be playing and not really paying attention but when I turn it off he melts down.
His OT observed and realized its sensory processing related so for now we leave it be.

The oldest gets a few hours during the week. Depending on the day.
I’m less stringent on the weekends.


On the weekends, i allow them to do as much as they want. Throughout the week, we only do gaming between 5 and 9. For my son it gives him something to look forward to…

Unlimited. My daughter is 8 and is homeschooled. She has a smartphone, tablet, Switch, VR, desktop, laptop, and tv. She still spends the majority of her time outside playing. What works for one child may not work for another.


It’s -27 here.
We are in total lockdown and barely got out of it during the last 10 months.
2/3 kids are home 24/7, online schooling.
I’m home 24/7 with kids. I. DONT. LEAVE. THE. HOUSE.
My 15 year old is doing online school and he’s a gamer. He’s on probably all the time.
My 13 year old is in school, and a lot of her homework is done on an iPad. She has always been EXTREMELY social, so this lockdown is hardest on her. She’s always been very active, always with her friends, always playing sports and she’s been locked down for 10 months… she’s on her phone often with her friends. I do not limit the older kids. My 4 year old does school from home but we do not do the online part, she just has books and activities to do and I send it in online. The tv is on all the time for background noise. She will watch when a show she likes comes on. She has an iPad and an Amazon tablet that she will be on during the week when I have to work in my office. It’s a hard ass time right now.

As much as they want

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Honestly whenever. Only because she has her nose in a book 99% of the time. Mine is almost 11 and got a tv in her room for her birthday and has yet to turn it on. She’ll come and watch somethings with hubby and I but since she reads like there books will never be around again I have a hard time saying no. Now phone time is when hubby is home because I’m stepmom and feel like that is a thing with her mom/ dad and she’s aboutto have a baby brother and we’retrying to prepareher for the times she has to be somewhat quiet(she walks and talks and video calls and it’s loud). Video games she has access to a couple that are appropriate for her and we let her play q long as we aren’t in the middle of a show or football isn’t on. Honestly depends on the parent and the kids.