How much screen time should kids have?

Just curious how much screen time parents give their kids and how old? :blush:


My daughter is six & gets 30- 1hr but must be educational.

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I don’t limit screen time, never have. I just have rules of times/situations when devices are not an option.


My 19 month old gets between 1-4 hours, depending on what Mommy and Daddy need to get done around the house. Lol.

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My son is 3 and the tvs are on all day but he doesn’t always watch them but they are all educational shows so we don’t mind


My son is almost 3 and he can have about an hour or so of screen time a day but usually it’s on the tablet playing educational games not just mindless staring. My one year old isn’t allowed any.

Mine are 7&4 and we have no limit… they don’t get home until about 330-4 then homework, dinner, bath… bedtime is 8

winter time is a tough one with us. my son is 4 and in the winter I admit he watches quite a bit of TV. but knows what hes allowed to watch and what hes not
summertime the TV is NEVER on. outside the second we’re home to the minute he goes to bed

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The t.v is on all the time. Doesn’t mean we are watching it Haha. Kids ages are 6 and 4


I mean my tv is always on. But they’re not really interested in it unless Sesame Street it Daniel tiger is on. We also only watch PBS. (But they’re 11 months & 2 years). They’re not allowed to play with phones or tablets. & my 2 year old turns it off to turn the radio on like 20X a day so.


I have a 5 month old and the TV is on 24/7 :joy:


I have 10 year old twin granddaughters. They get their tablets from 6pm Friday nite until 6pm Sunday nite. They get to catch up with friends. No contacting before 10am or after 10pm. They mostly do utube for cooking shows, instagram with relatives/school and church friends. I’d say an average of 3-4 hours Sat and Sun

Im a firm believer the more u restrict a child from tv or video games the more they want it… you want what u cant have… my kids can have playstation u tube and tv any time and they barely use it rather be out side


I have a 10yo and 2.5yo and I don’t limit screen because our life does that for us pretty much. We are pretty busy and go go go that really between school, church, activities, home life, there isn’t much time for it so on the occasional day my 10yo son wants to veg for more than an hour on his Tablet, Switch, my laptop or our TV I’m all for it.

My 2.5yo doesn’t have a limit either because minus the homework he’s on the same schedule as my 10yo so really he doesn’t have much opportunity either. They are both very active and play with toys every day despite having multiple screens to be attached to. They each have their own Tablet, they are to share the Switch and TV. But they play with toys and such and they do screen time then play or whatever then do screen time do they don’t sit and watch it for hours straight. They regulate themselves really well.


We don’t limit screen time. My oldest two 11 & 5 are in school during the day so I let them turn on the tv after the come home and finish their homework. My 4 year old who is not in school yet the tv is usually on all day but she only watches it on n off between playing.

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Mine (at home) are 18 (senior) and 8 I don’t limit time and never have. If we are home the tv is on and 8 yr old has an old phone hooked to Wi-Fi for you tube (toy review & nature) videos. He doesn’t just sit and watch its more for back ground noise while he plays and occasional stops to watch.

I dont limit it. My daughter is 4 with another girl due in July. If/when it starts to be a problem I’ll reconsider my decision. A lot of the time she walks away, for hours at a time, and plays with her toys. Very rarely does she spend the whole day in front of the TV.

Dont limit screen time. She 4 if her TV on in her and she play wont hardly watch it. Every now and then she dance to music on cartoons. She won’t play in her room with the TV off

9 month old. 10 minutes a day.

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I have a 13 month old, our tv is on for a good chunk of the day but she really only watches it for about 30 minutes before she gets bored & goes off to play with her toys.