How much screen time should kids have?

Tv is on essentially all the time but they never really watch it. I have a 2 and 5 year old.

1 year old watches learning song videos no limit

I let my 9 month old watch magic school bus or something like that when I do dishes or have to clean the litter or something. But that’s like 10 minutes at a time. She usually just plays with toys with the tv in the background.

I didn’t have a limit for the longest time. Kept an eye on what they were watching on the iPad. They have lost YouTube and YouTube kids - seriously watch what your kids are watching!!! Even kids stuff is not good!!! Swearing, sexual, even suicidal things.
They only get tv, and with school it’s pretty limited.

Mine is on all day basically. Doesn’t mean it’s being watched. Kids are almost 4 and 2.

Seriously pay attention to what they are watching!!!

TV is on all the time. He has plenty of portable screens as well. I don’t limit them and never have. He’s 8 now and plays sports. He has roughly 10+ hours a week of sports practices plus games and tournaments and matches and whatever else, so when he has time to enjoy electronics I let him. He would still rather ride his bike or play outside but screens are great for when we can’t be outside. He’s had a tablet since he was 2, a phone (Wi-Fi only) since be turned 7, a Nintendo DS since he was like 5, a portable DVD player for the car for long rides (we travel over 2 hours away for some tournaments), he got a chromebook at 7 for school work. I see no reason to limit screen time. He has learned so much from the games he plays and stuff he watches.

We don’t limit screen time and i regret it. It’s not really the screen time thats the problem it’s when you arent paying attention and they start watching videos of spoiled brats and imitating them.

My 10 year old only gets screen time when his behavior and grades are good. Then its limited to 2 hours a day

My 6 year old usually gets about 1 hr on weekdays when he’s winding down before bed. On weekends it varies on weather, activities planned, etc. Winter he gets more screen time but it’s usually video games with family. You can only play with toys and board games so many times as an only child lol

My 12 yr old has to get her chores and hw done b4 any tv or phone time then she gets 3 hrs at a time on weekends on her phone. My 4yr old isn’t limited she goes back n forth alot between playing and watching her phone (my kids my nonactive smartphones) they just use them for YouTube and games

My kid is almost two, we keep pandora kids songs on when we are home, but he only watches like 45 min of Mickey at night before we go read books and go to bed.

2 hour movie maybe every other day

Almost 3, our tv stays on all day but she spend maybe an hour and a half total watching it throughout the day. She gets bored and goes off to her room to play or will grab her Crayons and coloring books.


I put on PBS kids everyday he’s one he watches it if he wants to n when he was little baby he sat in his pack n play watched PBS kids while I cleaned it was educational n he just plays now doesn’t pay attention to the t much

Our tv is on all day for back ground noise but my kids don’t sit in front of it for more then 10 mins at a time. They are crazy and full of energy. Won’t sit still for. I thing ugh

9 year old gets 2 hours a day… It use to be more but behavior has limited it

My tv is on all day but that dont mean they are watching it and I have no cable, just DVDs. They play on their tablets often but they are nooked to the internet but I do make them go outside and play as well unless its raining or too cold or too hot then they can have their toys and stuff to stay occupied.

I don’t limit screen time

Mine when she was small an hour