How much should a 3-month-old eat?

Is 6 oz of formula too much for my almost 3 month old son? He is at 5 oz now and he still seems hungry after he finishes his bottle. I dont want to overfeed him but I also don’t want him to be hungry…any advice?


Baby no 2 children are exactly alike. If he’s still hungry. Feed him. It’s that simple.

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As long as he’s not throwing it up, it’s not too much

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If his hand is still clenched up he is still hungry. If his hands are not he is full. That’s a sign for babies If they are full or hungry.

I had the same fear for my daughter, so I did 5 1/2 til she actually hit 3months & started giving her 6oz
So it is fine just make sure it isn’t TOO much

It depends on the child. If he is still hungry, give him more. By the time my son was 2 months old he was taking 8 ounces a feeding.

Try 5 1/2 and If that doesn’t work try 6 babies will always let you know when they’re hungry and want more, We just bumped up my 5 month old to 7 yesterday and he’s been holding it down well and not crying for more

No such thing as overfeeding in babies…if they are not throwing up, they’re fine. Definitely wouldn’t leave babes hungry though

As long as the baby isn’t throwing it back up you are not over feeding.

No kids are alike, I had 4. Feed him if he’s hungry :blue_heart:

My 3 month old eats 6oz.

You can add a half ounce and see if that helps. If so, let it go. If not and you’re still not sure it’s food, give it like 10 or 15 mins. If he’s still crying, feed him another 1/2 ounce. If he throws up, it’s probably just digestive issues, go back to 5 or 5.5 and let him cry after. If he takes all 6 and still cries talk to your dr.

Feed him if he is hungry!

At 3 months, my boy was drinking 8oz every 3 hours. Feed the baby!


Once my 2 month old drink 9 oz within an hour and a half. I could not believe that amount fit in that child. But she had gone through a huge major growth spurt she gained like 2 lbs in one week

We mixed baby cereal with my sons bottle. They pediatrician says not to but sometimes they need a little more to fill them up.


At 3 months you can fix a 8 oz. bottle if he doesn’t eat it all no big deal. 8 oz. Want hurt a 3 month old.

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My baby was eating that at a month and a half she gulped down formula like she was starving every time she ate. Totally healthy baby. If he’s hungry feed him!

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Both my kids has rice or cereal in their bottles at 3 months to help fill them more. If hes seems like hes still hungry, feed him more. Youll know when hes had to much!

If the baby doesn’t spit up after it’s fine…