How much should I be feeding my baby?

Hi, so I have started combi feeding my lb. I try to stick his bottle feedings to every 4 hours (he’s four months); however, I’m finding within 2 hours; he’s looking, so I offer him breast in between. (He was previously breastfed) My query is I am unsure as to how much I am meant to be giving him for formula as I give him 7 Oz. As stated on tins for his age, he can’t wait out the whole 4 hours hence why he gets breast in between. My other query is that when I was just breastfeeding, during night feeds, he would just stir and lightly cry when he wanted to be fed. Now that he is on the formula, he wakes up and is fully screaming! I am worried I’ve made the wrong decision putting him on formula as this is so unlike him.


I would say talk to his pediatrician to see what they recommend. Every baby is different and every situation is different.

Talk to the pediatrician every baby is different. Around that age they start with baby rice cereal it’ll fill his belly more.


I have 3 formula fed kids. Not one of them could last for 4 hours between bottles. It was alway between 2 and 3 hours. I would give him the bottle at the 3 hour mark. As for the sleeping, all babies have different patterns and that I would have the doctor look as because it’s a change in behavior.

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I always fed on demand. It was easier. I wasn’t good with scheduling :hugs:


Definitely speak with pediatrician as he might have tummy troubles to the formula. I was using regular formula with my oldest (who is now 16) and found out he was lactose intolerant. My middle son was to but the baby was not. I did however, feed on demand as I did wind up have BIG children Lolol

I always fed when they were hungry. Usually every 2-3 hours or so. Every baby is different and I’m sure you’ll find a happy medium. Same with at night. Until they started sleeping through the night, I was up every 3 hours or so. It might just be the change from breast to formula. Or he could need a different kind of formula. Talk to your pediatrician and see what they say. Good luck to you!


He’s hungry. All babies are different. You could feed him cereal.

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Maybe switch formulas? My son was the same and I switched him to enfamil AR it has rice starch added into it so it is thicker and would keep him fuller longer before he was ready for to start foods.

I’ve always fed on demand

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Babies go through growth spurts and eat more often. Boob or bottle non of mine went 4 hours until 9? Months Unless they are over 6 months don’t give rice cereal they need nutrition of breast milk or formula not rice filler. Feed when hungry


Yes talk to his pedi… But if he’s in good health and no major medical issues… Normally they tell you to feed on demand.
My little has been drinking 6 ounces every two hours since she was born she’s 6 months now.

Breast milk has more fat and adjusts to your baby. Your body knows what to give him so he sleeps all night. Try breast feeding him twice before bed and he should sleep a little better. If that doesn’t do the trick try breast milk with a little cereal to keep his belly full.

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When a whole bottle no longer did, I added cereal. But talk to his pediatrician about what is best.

Until he is full and he will go to sleep !

You still have milk so it is ok to go to full breast again. He is hungry or really missing the closeness and warmth from you. Go with your instincts.


Go with what you think is best their is no right way you know your child more than anyone and don’t always listen to pediatrician’s they usually just go by the book and not what will work

If he is hungry, you feed him…he is only 4 months old…you were exclusively breastfeeding, which has a higher fat content, so that is why he is screaming for more to eat at night because you are using formula(that isn’t filling him, as the breast-milk was)… Give him more formula at each feeding…


Just breast feed him, when he needs it, do much easier!


I never went by all that. If my baby was hungry they were fed. All healthy and not overweight. They know when they’re full.