How much should I be feeding my baby?

7 ounces is a lot for a 4 month old. My son is combo fed also…he’s 9 months and only drinks 5 ounces sometimes, most of the time it’s 4 ounces. He also has never went 4 hours in between feedings. At 4 months he was eating every 2 hours.


My babies never went the 4 hours. Maybe 2 hours. Always feed baby when hungry.


Try different formula and make more in bottle. See how much he drinks. He doesn’t have to drink what the can says. He also could be growing more and needing more and he could be crying for you more as a comfort and desire to nurse not particularly hungry. If you want to stop BF between then off a couple more ounces when he cries when you normally give boob. Also talk to Dr. My daughters started eating solids at 4mo and that helped with the hunger in between.

Also remember each kid is different. My now 5yo never drank more than 4oz (from 3mo-10mo) at a time and had a bottle every 4-5 hours just how she was. She was perfectly fine and healthy and still is. My now 2yo ate about 5-6oz every 4-6 hours around that age and was fine in between. Some kids need 4oz or more every 2-4 hours and its ok. Talk to Dr. about your concerns

Just feed him if he’s hungry. I wouldn’t worry so much about the schedule, he will adjust and space it out on his own.

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He could be going through regression or a growth spurt. That happens A. LOT. when they are that young. Try feeding him 5 oz every 2-3 hours. That usually kept mine satiated. Baby will tell you when he’s hungry. Go ahead and feed him when he starts stirring at night and that will keep him from fully waking up.

My 7 month old daughter eats 6 ounces of formula every three hours sometimes she can’t even wait the full three hours. I say 7oz is a lot for a four month old especially with breastfeeding in between. If you can I think it would be good to just breastfeed on demand and use formula as a supplement if he’s not getting full enough.

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