How much should I charge for babysitting?

Okay I am so having trouble coming to a decision about childcare costs for a non registered provider. It’s my neighbor/friend. She doesn’t do this for a living. She just stays at home, mom, so just making extra cash. Hours will be from 4 to 8 a day. Before, we did a week rate, but hours were firm. It’s a three-year-old and soon to be two year old. Anyone got any advice about hourly or maybe weekly rate.


10 $10 an hour is good

I would come up with a budget of what you can afford, and then show it to your neighbor and ask her if that is an amount that she would be willing to accept.

We do a daily rate. Currently $25 a day for one kid and $35 for two

I pay $13/hr for care for my 2.5yo and 4.5yo.

I did $20 a day for over 4 hours. $10 a day if under 4 hours. Extra $2 added for extra child.

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Average is 20/25$ a day

Day care would be at least 200 a week


Average is 15-20 per day per child. I would pay her $30 a day especially if she’s feeding them dinner.

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I did $25 a day since my daughter was a baby till now, shes 3…i always brought diapers, wipes, milk, food, snacks, extra toys, anything to make it easier on them…cause if u think about it, that isn’t much per day…she would go from 6am till 4pm

I pay $30/day for my 8yr old. She also provides food.

I’d say a set rate of 30 a day

I charged 20 a day for 1 child. Occasionally i would get a 4 year old brother off the bus and keep him too but never charged any extra

I pay 30$ a day for my 3 and 4 yr olds

Child care pt here is $65 weekly for 1 child 2 years old.

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Can’t tell you a fair cost without a location. In Sydney Australia I pay $115 a day here before the rebate for a 2 year old.


In my neighborhood my neighbour babysat my 7 year old daughter this summer. We paid her $35 a day with receipts. We live in Ontario, Canada.

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If you google it it’ll tell you the wage for a babysitter in your area. Here it is $15 an hour.

I had to pay outright because I had to have my wisdom teeth extracted. It was like 90-something for 2 kids. 5 year old and at the time, 9 Month old. Entire day.

$30 a day plus supplies maybe $40 I think is fair if you know them.

I paid my friend $100 a week for 2 days 9-4 all the food she could eat at my house. Run of the house on naps and my sister and her friend could come over And light house work All she had to do was sweep and dust as far as house work and Pick up my daughters messes

N we pay grandma $30 a day plus everything she needs minus diaper genie bags and lunch cuz my daughter is 14 months and eats what we do mostly and I bring her soy milk weekly

The centers around here are about $200-$400 depending on age and potty training so