How much should I pay a babysitter?

I have a two-month-old, and I’m thinking about going back to work mid-January he will be three months old by then, I have a friend and neighbor who is willing to babysit, but we have no idea what I should pay her to watch him. She lives next door and id be providing everything. Id work at absolute max 40 hrs a week. We live in a small town in Ohio, what should I pay her a week?


Background check first👀

The day care I have charges $25 a day but I live in Kansas to so idk if that helps at all


I paid an in home babysitter $20 a day or more if I had to stay at work longer (babysitter lived up the street and I provided everything) and daycare is $25 a day


Call your local daycare center and see how much they charge, and pay around the same or less since it’s only one child, or look on

I charge 25 a day and parents must supply all food and drinks…diapers, wipes etc.


Find out what your local daycare pays for a 3 month old. Then maybe pay her a little bit less. But not more. Having a neighbor do this is great. But she does need compensation. Having another person other then you in your child’s life is extremely important, I think. Also talk to her about it. I’m assuming it will be under the table which also is nice so just go under and what you can afford.

In NY we pay 15-25 an hour. And for day care center minimum $1000.00 a month.


These questions on this page are getting ridiculous. What happened to the inspirational memes and such?

You could try looking for a retired teacher or nurse. Sometimes they are looking for something to make their days fun. Also, you might try a military family. They might want to use the money to either bring their soldier home or go where they are stationed. Just a couple of thoughts. Good luck.

My manager pays me $40 a day for her 4 month old. Drop off between 5-7am. Pick up 3-4pm.

I paid $30 weekday $50 weekend. 6pm to close whether it was midnight or 4am.

I pay mine 45 a day, to watch a 2 yr old from 10am-3pm. she goes to the sitters house but I provide everything. where I live daycares are between 50-60 a day.

yeah daycares here are normally like $800/month which is 25/day per kid. so thats $3 an hr for each child

In Oklahoma ppl charge 25 a day

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My suggestion to u is to call some daycares also make sure anyone.looking after your child has good references daycares will let u know roughly how much a day would be good luck

Daycares would charge you 130 a week

Used to paying a sitter 10hr seems like average rate home care. Daycares for newborns are 350-400 a week

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$150 per week for unlicensed home care

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Talk with your neighbor and toss out some numbers. Where i am- in home babysitters are charging around 20$ a day for infants. That’s no license or special programs. And you provide the necessities.