How much should I pay my friend to babysit?

I will be starting a job here soon and a friend of mine will watch my 9-month-old daughter now my question is how much should I give her as payment from Monday - Thursday 6:30 to 4:30 and Fridays 7:30 to 2:30 I don’t want to under or overpay her she said whatever I can give, but I don’t want to rip her off either I will be providing diaper food formula clothes and literally everything she needs


I run daycare and I charge $20 a day and I’m in a small town

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Depends where you live and if shes doing it cuz she wants to or needs money… I’d say 20-30 a day

I watch a little. She is between 20 and 30 a day depending when she is picked up.

The cheapest daycare near me is 155, plus everything needed

I live in a moderate size town in the midwest. My sitter provides everything but diapers and charges $150 a week.

If it is only your child she is watching, $6-$8 an hour.

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My mom watches my kids and my nephew. She charges me 15$ a day but only has them for about 4 hours. My nephew she has all day and charges my brother $20 a day

Depends on how much you will get paid an hour? If it’s $12 bucks an hour I would say $3-4 an hour goes to the babysitter. If it’s $16 an hour I’d say give $5-6 goes to the baby sitter. And if you get paid like say $20 an hour or more then baby sitter gets $8 or more an hour.

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My sitter charges $35 a day. I provide all diapers/wipes/formula/baby food.

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My family friend charges me 10 a day for a few hours

Because you are friends and you trust her id pay her a little more. I watched my friends kids and it ended the friendship because i ended up feeling totally taken advantage of. $150 a week would seem pretty fair I think.

Wow I want to find this $20 a day. Ppl want $15 to $18 an hour here. When my 10 year old was in daycare I paid $350 a week when she was 6-weeks to 9 months old.


Yeah about $140-150 a week

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Where i live it’s $150-200 a week

My daycare charges $100/week no matter the age until school age. Then it’s $50/week

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I charge 35 a day and I don’t provide any food, but I am in California, and that is pretty standard here.

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I have never heard of crazy low prices everyone else is saying
But I live in WA state
If you wanted to not rip her off I would do a minimum of $200 a week
Full time daycare for a child that’s in diapers here is $400 a week
And that’s on the low end.


Where do you guys go? I pay $130 a day for my son to go to childcare


I charge $125 a week and parents provide the diapers wipes and formula.