How much should my 4-month-old be eating?

My baby is four months and is a working woman from 7 am to 7 pm daily with Saturday and Sunday off. I worried about how many quantity ml or oz of formula milk should be given at one time and also how many gaps between two feeds


Feed her until she is full. Every baby is different.

Bubs will let you know the answer to that.

Ask the pediatrician
The baby will let you know when she/he is full. If you still have concerns try giving a bottle every two hours and keep track of how many ounces she drinks so that you can put her on a feeding schedule

My daughter is 2 months she was eating 5 1/2 to 6 ounces but I had her check up and got told only 4 every two to 3 hours actually helped cuz now shes not getting upset belly n sleeping amazing

Every baby is different let him/her take the lead! Don’t stress yourself out mama!

You should be able to start feeding cereal at his age an you can also start giving him water in between the formula bottles. Water is good for babies to have specially when it’s hot an humid out during the summer mnths


I would just feed her as needed. If she’s crying and you’ve changed her, she’s not sleepy and nothing else is soothing her besides the bottle let her have it.


Milk. That’s it. Breast or formula only


Please ask your actually dr. Not Facebook drs. When your baby has open gut syndrome or worse you will have wanted to have asked a dr. Food before one is just for fun. Nothing is needed except formula or breast milk


Milk only. Give whenever she’s hungry. Some eat more. Some eat less. Growth spurts may affect how much she wants. Just feed her when she’s telling you she’s hungry. Follow her cues. And be kind to yourself. Don’t stress if she’s not following the pattern you’ve read in books.

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I would keep track of how much u give on say Saturday and Sunday to get an idea on what ur baby needs. When my kids went to the baby sitter that young I always found it easier to bring a can of formula. And make sure they knew that they could only have formula

All 4 of mine were different but they were doing 6 to 8 oz bottles each feeding by 4 or 5 months. I didn’t do solids until close to 6 months None of mine did the baby cereal I made homemade oatmeal with fruit purée at about 6 months. Generally mine went 3 to 4 hrs between formula a little less with Breast milk mine were a little less

Might should ask her pediatrician instead of a group on FB🤷‍♀️ not trying to sound rude but every baby is different and you aren’t gonna get a good answer from here. The pediatrician will be able to tell you based on how much baby is growing how much he/she should be eating.


Please do not feed anything but breastmilk or formula before 6m as the intestines aren’t fully developed yet and can cause a number of health issues down the road including leaky gut. I’m not familiar with formula amounts or intervals but a breastfed baby needs about 28-32oz of breastmilk a day from 4-6m and should not have more than 4oz at a time while practicing paced feeding.

Feed that baby how much it wants when ever it wants a chubby baby is a healthy baby my son is 5 months he eats baby food and ti ti all day when he wants

6 oz at a time, if formula it should be about every 4 hours, if breastmilk it should be every 2 to 3 hours (but not more than 4 oz at a time if breastmilk according to my lactation consultant)

Please call your pediatrician, the ped nurse will be able to tell you. Mine was cereal and 5 ounces every 4 hours. Every baby is different and a bunch of moms who think they are the only ones who know anything and are smarter than the MD’s is not who to ask!


Just feed as needed. Babies go though a huge growth developmental spurt at this age and need more then normal. Things will go back to normal after the spurt but baby cereal has zero nutrition and baby needs the nutrients in milk though these spurts. There will be many but 4 month spurt is brutal! Water is NOT actually recommended especially at this age.