How much weight did you gain with your pregnancies?

Hi mamas, how much did all of you gain during your pregnancies? At my 22 weeks check up I had gained 30 lbs already!!! I am so confused because up until 14 weeks; I couldn’t even keep any food down. It’s like everything I’m eating now adds weight. I eat pretty big portions, but I’ve always been that way, and I cook at home, so I barely ever eat fast food or anything. I gained over 60 lbs with my son, but I started out smaller and didn’t want to go over 200 lbs :sob: is it normal to have gained this much this early??


Pregnancy 1 lost 50
Pregnancy 2 lost 35
Pregnancy 3 lost 37
Pregnancy 4 lost 25… never gained until last month of pregnancy!! Sick 24/7
So I can not help you… :confused:

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65lbs with 1st (8lb 10.6oz baby) and 20lbs with 2nd (10lb 11.4oz baby)
Pretty crazy lol


I lost about 20 then gained it back plus about 30 more

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1st one I gained 11 pounds
2nd one I gained 5 pounds

I gained an ass load with my daughter like 90lbs ended up having Gestational diabetes not diagnosed until labor and then I’m 37 weeks now and only gained 14 and he is already like 9 of those. I think boy pregnancies are so much better than with girls in my experience lol

40lbs with my first. 20lbs with my second. Each pregnancy is different,but I wouldn’t be to concerned unless your ob is.

I had a 26 in waist before , then blumed to 64 inch waist gaind 66 lbs

60 pounds and I ate everything in sight lol but I was also tiny before I got pregnant so I needed to gain

First: gained roughly 60 lbs
Second: gained 13 lbs
Third: gained about 20 lbs

60lbs with my first but I lost it all… 40 with my second and lost it all… already over 30lbs with my 3rd (27 weeks) … praying I lose it all again… are you having a girl? I swear it’s because with girls we crave the sweets :sweat_smile:

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50 everytime no.matter what I do. I tried controlling my food i takes and my ketones in my urine.went up

7 lbs with my first 6lbs 1oz baby. 37.3 lost 40lbs quick. This pregnancy I’ve lost 3.5 pounds at 38.2. every pregnancy is different.

Most I’ve gained was 20lbs.

You aren’t supposed to gain quickly.

I gained like 60-65 with my son… and finally, 7 years later, I’m close to my pre-baby weight.

I gained 11lbs with my first (not until the 7th month). And then this pregnancy I’m almost 17 weeks and have lost 25lbs

I normally gain around 30lbs with each pregnancy but this time I’m 35 weeks and I’ve only gain 13 lbs

I gained like 80 lbs with my first
And 70 with my twins
Pre pregnancy weight was about 95/100lbs
Iam about that now and all of 5’2
I threw up 24/7 so I dunno how I gained a pound LMAO

Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks on my fourth pregnancy that has lasted into third trimester and I have already gained 41lbs

I gained 70. 150lbs to 220lbs. Damn poutine. :laughing: