How much weight gain during pregnancy is normal?

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Your doctor can answer this question for you at your next OB appointment. It differs for everyone depending on pre-pregnancy weight and health risks.

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Depends on your weight before, whether it’s your first pregnancy, singleton or multiples, whether you exercise, etc. I started at 132lbs, made it to 34 weeks 3 days, gained 49lbs but I had twins.

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I was pregnant in the '60s & gained about 10#s with each- most of it in my chest. I was student teaching when one couldn’t teach while pregnant & nobody knew it except a 2nd grader with 9 siblings. He secretly asked me while we were walking up stairs. I had the baby 2 weeks after my practice teaching was over! :grinning:

I was 19 and gained 30 pounds but I was not over weight to begin with so it was fine according to my doctor

I gained 10 lbs with both my pregnancies. Although, I had gestational diabetes so I had to watch.

Depends on your starting weight. If you’re overweight/obese they want you to gain less than 20 lbs. Normal is 25-30.

Every one is different… I gained differently with each child …

I’ve been pregnant 5 times. 25, 15, 80, 80, 10.

I only gained 12 by my 7 mo and had to see a nutritionist. He was tiny too. Only 6.3lbs 151/4" long.

Depends on your individual status- your ob will disscuss with you what your particular weight gain should be - if you are at or below normal weight for your height and build you could probably count on no more than a 25# weight gain for a normal pregnancy-each person is different- talk to your OB!

I was only 3 pounds heavier when I delivered then I was at my first OB visit at about 2 months along & my son weighed 10 pounds 14 ounces. I was not diabetic.

I gained 20 with all of mine.

It depends on what your normal weight is before pregnancy and the size of the baby. Typically 15-20 pounds for an average size woman. Someone who is overweight should not gain as much weight.


If you started off with a healthy weight, the current recommendation is 25-35 pounds. But that doesn’t necessarily mean “normal”. Lots of women gain more and lots of women gain less. Different circumstances can impact weight gain as well, such as if you are able to routinely exercise and walk (for me at 7 months pregnancy became too hard for me to keep up my exercise routine so I have started to put on a little more weight). What is right for you and your baby may not be what is right for other people, so remember that!

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I gained 36 lbs with each pregnancy but lost it really quick after.

Depends on the person weight

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Different for everyone! I’ve gained 40. :grimacing: a lot for me but doctor isn’t concerned

I think about 30lbs. But it does depend per person!

I’ve had four babies and my behavior was different for each one. For my first I ate 100g of protein a day and didn’t exercise other than being on my feet a day as a teacher. My second, I ate less and walked and did yoga several times a week until I delivered. With the third I did boot camp type workouts three times a week and taught group exercise until 37 weeks. With my fourth I did next to no exercise other than my normal daily activities. I gained 50 pounds every single time. I believe thats just my body’s standard baby weight gain.