How often do you change your kids clothes?

How often do you change your kid(s)’ clothes? My son had been in the same outfit for two days. (Today is today number 2.) We have no washer or dryer, so it’s not like I can wash clothes every day, and we can’t go to the laundromat. I go by if it’s not dirty and he still smells good; it’s good. I’ve had good and bad comments before, and I just wanna know you what you do with your kids and their clothes. Are every day and night a new outfit? Or do they go a day without changing? My son is almost a year old and is a calm child.

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Mine runs around I’m his underwear unless we leave the house he hates clothes :joy::rofl: they loved being in just diapers both of mine unless it was cold then they wanted clothes. Do what you feel is best 💁🏻‍♀ i keep my 9 month old in the same out regardless of food spills if he didn’t throw up or blow out or pee threw the diaper he stays in the same outfit till bath time then a new outfit the next day

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That’s trifling. Wash them out by your hands and hang them up to dry


My children wear their clothes for two days unless they are really dirty. Saves on laundry for me! Plus saves the clothes from over washing and falling apart. Ignore the rude ones, they seem to have oodles of time and money on hand.

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Yeah, I agree with the comment above me. Wash them by hand then. But you can’t just let your kid wear dirty clothes every day.


How often do you change clothes?


Depends on how old they are lol

Honestly, depending on how dirty they get… My son gets messy every 5 minutes so half the time I don’t even bother with clothes if we’re at home. :woman_shrugging:t2: but he’s also chosen to wear the same Superman shirt 2 days in a row because he was obsessed with it (obviously it wasn’t covered in gunk or else I would’ve taken it away) . Ignore the rude comments please & do what you can do for your family. I understand not being able to run to the laundromat every single day & whatnot - I’ve been there!

Given your circumstances I understand. We change our daughter prob 2 or 3 times a day but shes 7 months old and drools and gets formula every where lol. If your taking the clothes off at feedings and the baby isn’t sleeping and sweating in it that wouldn’t be so bad. Ive washed clothes in the bath tub before you could prob wash baby clothes in the sink. I just used liquid tide and luke warm water then hung them to dry them.

Is this for real? Even before Covid that’s just nasty :anguished::scream:


Eww. Everyday they get changed just like mine. Does he only have 1 set of clothes? Why not put them in a laundry basket and wash some when you can either by hand or at laundromat

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Everyday… then new pjs after a bath at night


Wth 2 days gross … wen my son was lil he wud take a bath every nite so I couldn’t imagine putting the same clothes on him… fresh PJs and fit daily!! I didn’t have a washer or dryer back then I would go to the laundromat or hand wash if not available. Always would be clean!!!

Sniff tests works if your not able to clean them all the time.


Living in Alaska with no running water and miles from everything kids wear their clothes 4 days front back right inside out and front and back


Girl breathe, 2 days in the same clothes is fine maybe swap shirts out every other day. I agree a little sink laundry could help but ya know what if that’s they best you can do and he’s clean and healthy and happy who cares what everyone else thinks. I’ve been there and it killed me to not be able to provide. But you are doing what you can and you care about it which tells me you are a good mom.


Do what you need to do momma!! Just do it carefully, like the above says, take them off when eating and put something different on to sleep , do you! Luckily he’s only 1 so the clothes are small, give yourself a routine to sink wash clothes every other day and you won’t need to question yourself. I’m grown and wear the same hoodie several times, so who am I to judge :joy:!! :two_hearts:


I used to hand wash them in the sink and let them air dry.

Saying gose…Every day Is a new day

My kids wear a new outfit everyday and pj’s get changed everyother night when they get a bath unless they had an accident or were really sweaty! Even if they weren’t dirty I wouldn’t put the same outfit on 2 days in a row! At the very least I would rotate the clothes!