How old do you have to be to get your tubes tied?

I’m a young mom and know i don’t want more kids. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an age requirements on getting your tubes tied


Depends on the doc. Mine wouldn’t at 22. Did it at 32 after my second baby

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Mine did at 30 after the birth of my first child

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I got mine at 23. After my 1 kid.

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depends on doc and insurance. some do not cover ligation but may cover removal. I am having mine removed for both sterilization and decrease cancer risk

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I got mine at 22 after 2 kids.

I got mine done at 24, 2 kids. All depends on the doctor.

Express your reasons to doctor

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26 or 2-3 kids. In some states. Or find a doctor that will do it no matter what. Cause most won’t. :roll_eyes: Differs by state I’m in KY.

Its usually 30 or 3 live babies

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Most drs won’t do them unless your second child or medical reasoning

I’m Ms 2 kids after age 25 and you need to have “husbands consent” or they wont approve it before

I had mine dont at 28

Im 29… 2 emergency sections one due to ruptured uterus due my 3rd section in 2 weeks and they still wont. X

In Illinois 22 years ago u couldn’t get ur tubes tied unless u was over 21 or had at least 3 kids

Mine doctor offered do to mine during my second csection next week and I’m 21.

Mine said 25 plus, 2 kids or medical issues. And needed husband’s permission :confused:

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Every state is different (which is ridiculous because a man who wants a vasectomy doesn’t have to go through a bunch of shit) It should be your body your choice!but you have to figure out what your state requirements are or what is offered.

I had mine done at 26, my doctor was the one that suggested it. Then again it was my second and both C-sections.

18 years or older(21 in some states). Don’t let the drs tell you otherwise. You don’t need to have kids or be married.