How old is too old to co sleep?

How old is too old to cosleep with your kids? my oldest is 12, and I still let him co-sleep with me. If you don’t co-sleep, please don’t comment!


I feel like this is getting to old. Unless they are not feeling well, or scared. But you do what you feel is best for you


12 months or 12 years old? I co sleep and i usually start them in their own beds between 4/5 years old…


I did for a long time but I think 12 is getting into puberty


My oldest is 22 and my youngest is 2. My oldest doesn’t live at home anymore😥 but when he comes home he will still crawl in the bed with me and fall asleep. My other three are 8,7, and 2. And most nights they all crowd bed. Kids needs their momma most at night when the bad dreams happen. Once they stop needing you to fight those bad dreams you stop being their super hero.


I have a13 yo that still sleeps with me occasionally lol ok pretty often he is often scared at night

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Mmm 12 seems a little old lol I cosleep with my baby and she’s 3. The other ones have their own rooms

Sometimes, a kid just needs mom! It’s not about what others think is right, it’s what works for your family, no one else’s opinions or situations should determine your family dynamics


My 14 year old daughter still comes and snuggles


My kids 10, 7, 5 and 4 haven’t slept in bed in awhile. Some mornings my 4yr old will sneak in but that’s about it… if any asked or crawled into my bed I’d gladly welcome them

Meh I slept with my mom until I was 16. Im currently in bed with my 6 and 9 year old, I have a 13 year old who used to co sleep but stopped on his own like 5 years ago. It doesn’t last forever, enjoy the time


My son is 10 n still does I did until I was 11 my mom let me get there on my own while encouraging me to be in my room we’d start there she’d leave when I fell asleep as well with mine n if they woke up n came to me yah but you gotta start it you gotta encourage them as much as you can

my 8yo 9next month has his own room and bed but doesn’t feel safe so he sleeps with me. Daddy is deployed and says he needs to sleep in his own room by the time he returns home. I’m getting him a new bed and matress and doing his room in baby yodo to hopefully help him feel safer. I got him a twin bed so I can fit to lay down with him till hopefully he falls asleep

My 13 year old son has pretty extreme anxiety/depression, and when he’s having a rough night, he still comes and lays beside me. :heart: I won’t ever push him away. Having said, we don’t full-on co sleep by any means, he sleeps in his own bed. But I’m glad he feels connected and safe with me to do that.


My daughter only 3 months old and I co sleep with her some nights, now my youngest brother is 13 and sometimes still ask to climb in my bed sometimes they just love the feeling of being close and safe when there next to you

um, i co sleep but my children are young, oldest is 7 right now! but definitely not at 12 :astonished::astonished:

I don’t co sleep. Never have but shared a room due to living in a one bedroom. He now can’t sleep without me in his room…so I’m working on breaking that now. He is 7 and its was going good til pandemic hit now he worried again and struggling to sleep alone in the bedroom. But its getting a little old especily a boy an mom. A guy i knew coslept in his moms bed and got to where they were comfortable walking around naked in front of each other when he was 13-19 and lines got really blurred and creepy. Its time to start moving him to his own.

Doing it as long as you can!! Soon he won’t want to anymore…


:joy::joy: my 18 year old son jumped in bed with me it was freezing cold where we were and also it is normal to be adults and kids and sleep together on the floor on mattresses.


My great grandaughters sleep with me when they stay here ir I sleep with them in their room. They are 8 and 5