How old should kids be to bathe alone?

How old was your kids when you let them bathe by themselves? Like you’re not in there with them? I have an 8 yr old son who can pretty much bathe by himself but I still sit in there with him to make sure he does it right.


My 6 older kids bathe alone. Ages 13,11,10,9,8,6 …my 5yr old still gets help and my 2 and 1 yr old of course get help

My oldest is almost 5 and I’m starting to show her how to bathe herself. I still have to wash/rinse her hair though. I probably won’t leave her totally alone for another year or two.


I let my 7 year old shower by himself

When they can properly do it by themselves


I helped mine until they were like 5/6 to wash (especially my daughters hair) but once they were washed I’d leave and let them play.

I let my 5 year old bathe by himself but I go in and make sure he washes his hair properly still. My older kids (almost 9, 10 and 11) all bathe/shower by themselves and I bathe my 1&2 year olds.

I would say boys, probably 7 or 8… girls… 8 or 9… fully by themselves… unless the boy has long hair… then you have until highschool lmao
My daughter is 6 and I know there is no way she would wash her hair correctly lol

My 6 year old, I wash his hair and his back. He washes the rest. Basically, to make sure he hits all the key areas! Head, pits, crotch and butt!

My 11, 10, 8, and 6 year old shower on their own. My 4 year old and 20 month old I still bathe.

I would hope he could shower .


Eh, I wash my almost 4 year olds hair and make sure he soaps up with a washcloth but then I let him chill. I stay within ear shot and check about every 3 minutes because I’m paranoid, but I more or less let him bathe himself.


My son is 6. I let him bathe by himself as long as the door stays open.

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Mine were around 5 or 6. Helped the girls with their hair but they handled the rest

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Hahahaha I have 10 & 11 year old boys that need to be monitored or they do not wash properly or hair!! Grrrrre !!drives me nuts! I have a 2 yr old baby girl who showers better than them!! Hahahahahaha!


If your son doesn’t bathe right, let him be. It’s a phase. He’ll grow out of it… around high school.


I sit on outside of tub and bathe mine until age four. I teach them how to properly wash themselves by three. At four they wash themselves i do their hair. By six i teach them to wash their own hair… by age eight they can stand up in shower and do it all themselves.

I have never gotten naked and bathed with my child. No need…

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i sit with my 7 year old, mainly bc he has adhd and gets distracted easily

Mine were about 5 I think. By 8 definitely.

My daughter was about 6-7 but every couple of months I would notice her leaving soap in her hair so I would go and reteach her and be sure she was doing it right.